Do I have to start at helpdesk to get networking experience? Won’t that waste my CCNA certification?

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I currently hold my A+, Net+ and CCNA certifications and have experience in IT but not so much experience in the networking field with my CCNA. I am working with multiple staffing agencies looking to utilize my CCNA cert but am not having any luck. I hear all the time that I lack the experience needed. My question is how do I go about getting my foot in the door? I have searched multiple jobs on monster and career builder for entry-level jobs and haven't found but a few. I'm open to anything, even moving anywhere to have a chance at what I truly enjoy doing most. I have been told it is best to start at a help level position and try to work up into an operations center. But is that really the best way when I am wasting my CCNA that is only valid for three years?

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unfortunately that is the best way. You want to get your foot in the door so that you can look inside that organization and try to move up. But never stop looking and make sure that you get into any area networking groups so that you can build your social networking ring. The best jobs are found just because you know someone at the right time. Keep working on it and don’t lose that certification.

I agree with buddy. Starting off in either help desk or tech support is the best way to get into the field. Without experience getting into a network position is going to be very difficult.

That is actually not the best way to fine where you below guy, You need to go where there is networking jobs. But if where you have there networking department, then quickly start going around.
Let me share the an experience. I also have the A+, N+ , CCNA, I was also faced with that same problem, but overcome it .

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  • Realness97
    I am almost in the same boat, so I would appreciate you keeping this thread informed of your progress. Good luck and best wishes. I'm in FL and whilst quality of life is great if you like beaches and sunshine, it's not conduicive to getting well paid entry level jobs so I'm gonna move asap. I've heard NC is a pretty good place to start
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  • Ed Tittel
    As one of TechTarget's IT career "experts," I've been asked to add my opinions and ideas to this posting (check me out at for more info). First off, I have to concur with the inestimable Buddy Farr, who is usually right on the money when he posts on these kinds of topics. In fact, rather than being a "waste" of a CCNA, help desk or tech support jobs are probably right in line with the CCNA's design and intent (those are typically entry-level and first-rung type positions; the CCNA is an entry-level and first-rung certification). As you now also know, not too many jobs advertise for CCNA certified professionals, as both Cisco and employers agree that it is more of a stepping stone to other, more advanced Cisco certs (especially the professional level credentials such as CCNP, CCDP, CCVP, CCSP, and so forth, which you *wll* find do get advertised for) than a truly "employment worthy" certification in its own right. Keep at what you're doing, and don't be unhappy or bashful about getting into help desk or support positions. These are indeed your stepping stones to more advanced jobs in IT or network administration. HTH, and thanks for posting, --Ed--
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  • Sixball
    Cisco doesn't feel that a "help desk" is a waste of a CCNA - in fact, to work FOR cisco, you need AT LEAST a CCNA to work their "help desk". the logic is, how can you assist with networking configurations and trouble-shooting if you know nothing of networking to begin with? :)
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