Do I have hackers?

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I have recently noted what appears to be "suspicious acitivity" on my computer.  In doing so, I went to the Control Panel, clicked on Internet Connections, then "View computers in your workgroup."  I was shocked and afraid when I discovered five (5) different computers.  Upon further research, I learned that "Remote Assistance" had  been enabled whereby I had initially disabled it.  I left the Control Panel, went to view reports in my security software program and returned to record the names, IP addresses, etc of the five computers I'd discovered. Instead, when I attempted to view the computers again, I received a message that said I could not access this information unless I had permission from the Administrator.  I am the administrator.  No one uses my computer.  What do you suspect is happening here and how can I fix it.  Any assistance you can provide will be tremendously appreciated.

Software/Hardware used:
Windows XP

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If it’s more likely that you have someone leaching your WIFI than hacking you (unless you are a target of interest).

If you really are worried about this then backup everything you need and format and re-install the OS. It’s the only way to be sure any breech from software has gone.

Otherwise update your firewall and AV and run full scans including looking for rootkits. Set everything to ‘Paranoid’ mode and lock down your routers firewall as well.

In the meantime also go to a computer you trust and change any passwords for accounts and settings that you think may have been compromised.

Oh and turn off remote assistance again.

P.S check exceptions to your firewalls and make sure there aren’t any there you didn’t create or allow.


Also where is this computer, Is it at home or at a business also do you have it hooked up through a switch this could help as well.

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  • Rakei
    Reset your Password for Wireless and Broadband modem or whatever you're using....and making sure its WPA/WPA2 Encrypted...although some old modem doesn't support(worst scenario) this and may require upgrading it or updating your Firmware for new security updates.... unless this computer is part of a Domain Network then theirs your Administrator that keeps an eye on you???
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  • Chippy088
    @Drewloanonlir. Re-install the OS? Please be realistic. This is a network problem not an OS problem, it is all to do with routers, network protocols and access control lists. If Askapro does go through all the trouble to re-install, he will not stop the original cause for concern. @Askapro, if you are using hacking tools, as your question seems to indicate, then read the manual for the tool you are using. If you do you will learn what is happening when you launch them, and how to interpret the information it collects. This is not something that can be answered with the limited information provided. You need to ensure your protection is up dated and do a full deep check, not a quick check, and as an additional security precaution try a rootkit check (as you say you know these things, I think it should have been tried before you posted the question.) I am guessing they will come up negative. I have remote assistance switched on, and I allow it on all my client PCs to enable remote access and fault finding etc, so I think it is not the cause. Things I'd like to know are; - What antivirus and firewall are you using? Is this PC on a business network? What rootkit, trojan or malware software have you used to check the system? Do you know how to check your router for access control lists etc? I think this question needs more information, before it can be answered.
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  • Markempee
    Even if you are the only user of your computer, it is still vulnerable to hackers especially if you always use it on the Internet. Remember that hackers are computer geniuses, the mots important thing you can do is to install a latest and updated anti-virus and turn your firewall on.
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