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My company want a mailing list of approx. 1200 adresses. This of course will not fit in outlook DL, but it will in exchange 2003. How do i creat these list if the users are not in my AD? I do not want to enter 1200 external email address in to my AD to create this. Or, if that is not possible, what is a good 3rd party solution? thanks

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From your discription it sounds like your looking to create a mass mailer list of some sort? From what I know and what I have found, Outlook will not handle this in native form, but I have seen a product called “GoMail” mentioned in several posts that claim to be able to handle your needs. Of course there is still work involved in setting this up. Your going to need to create either a .csv or .txt file containing all pertinant information for all 1200 of your would-be contacts. Once you have accomplised that task, then GoMail will provide you with the tools to import that list into an Outlook DL. I’ve never used GoMail so my info is not first hand, but it does not seem to be very expensive and has had some decent reviews.

This is a start. Hope it helps answer your question.

Good Luck!

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  • Poomba1
    Well using the import tools for AD is the typical way, 3rd party tools http://www.imanami.com/ can also do the trick. I created a OU for external contacts, now you can use something like 'ADMODIFY.NET' after the import to make them not show in the GAL but you still need to create contacts in the AD, making it a seperte OU keeps it neat, then you can assign someone to keep all the info up to date (if you choose to display it in the GAL, may as well have all the important stuff available).
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  • RJRopes
    Hi There is a command with exchange 2000 or exchange 2003 server called csvde. If you have a list of the email addresses, you can save them all as an excel spread sheet, and then use this command to import them into anywhere you want in your AD. I import all of ours into a specific OU depending on where they are. Then, if there is a radical change in them, I can just remove the members of the OU and repeat the command, which tends to be a little easier than going through and checking them all. If you are willing to do the work to drop them into a CSV file, then I can help you with the rest of the import You need a few fields, the main ones to start with are displayname and mail address. Let me know if this is a viable option and I will post up some more instructions Richard
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