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  1. I just need to know the property name that would display the database name in the newsletter. I was thinking something like this alertdoc..title but just not sure what property would display the name. Any Ideas?
  2. I need to be able to cut down the email address from some like CN= Joe Smith/gmail.com to joe smith. I don't know weather to do it in the agent or in my newsletter both. I am using a list to my case statement with a for all loop. any ideas. or what I could look up to do this?


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In @Function :

  1. Use @DbName for NSF FileName or @DbTitle for title
  2. Use @Name([CN];  YourNameFieldHere ) ;

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  • AMcAuley3
    1.) a property of the document that returns a handle to the database object....so something like alertdoc..title but I need the property. Any advice? 2.) that works for a view but how would I use that in a agent or better yet a list?
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  • Ledlincoln
    Sounds like you might be using LotusScript, in which case you need to set up a NotesDatabase object and get its properties from there: Dim session as New NotesSession Dim db as NotesDatabase Set db = session.CurrentDatabase Msgbox db.Title Msgbox db.FileName Msgbox session.CommonUserName
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  • AMcAuley3
    I have a loop and a list. I have set it up so that when it gives an error it sends an email with that database info date and user etc.. this is what my code looks like for the loop and the list I need to know how to get the title of each database that has an error and the CN of the person it was going to send it to but could not. Any more ideas? If Not AlertNotificationdc Is Nothing Then Set AlertNotificationdoc = AlertNotificationdc.GetFirstDocument While (Not AlertNotificationdoc Is Nothing) (AlertNotificationdoc .FullName(0)) strfield = AlertNotificationdoc.GetItemValue("A$LogType")(0) If strfield = "Error" Then errorlist(AlertNotificationdoc.UniversalID) =AlertNotificationdoc.GetItemValue(db.Title)(0) & "~" & Alertnotificationdoc.GetItemValue("A$Logtime")(0) & "~" & AlertNotificationdoc.GetItemValue("A$Progname")(0)& "~" & Alertnotificationdoc.GetItemValue(session.commonusername)(0) & "~" & Alertnotificationdoc.GetItemValue("A$ERRMSG")(0) okayemail=True End If
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  • BruceWayne
    To catch the connected user name in script, you use (likle Ldelincoln said) the CommonUserName method of Session class =>
    Dim session as New NotesSession
    Msgbox session.CommonUserName
    To catch the name stored in a document field, you shoud work with NotesName class and methods =>
    Dim session as New NotesSession
    Dim nName As NotesName
    Set nName = New NotesName( AlertNotificationdoc.YOUNAMEFIELDHERE(0) )
    MsgBox nName.Common 
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