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Hi, I recently configured a system with XP professional, that has a hard drive of 200 GB capacity. While I installed the OS, I created a disk partition of 80 GB and 110 GB from availble space. I installed the OS on 80 GB capacity partition, but when OS is installed I can't see the other 110 GB partition? How can I access that partition/foramt it? Thanking You and Best Regards

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You should be able to see the other 110 GB partition within XP’s Disk Management console (diskmgmt.msc).
It’s possible that partition may show up as unformatted, in which case you will need to format it either with NTFS or FAT32 in order to be able to write to it within XP.
Otherwise, if you plan to use this partition to install another OS, you will not be able to view the partition in that format.
If you decide to format with NTFS or FAT32, then you will also need to assign a drive letter to the partition.

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  • JoshTech
    Did you do the partitioning during your windows install or before (using fdisk) or was it a utility disk which came with the drive? Did the drive come with its own controller board or are you using the one on the motherboard? Some older motherboards bios doesn't support large capacity drives. Some older Pentium 3 systems won't see the entire disk. Try looking on the manufaturers web site for bios updates first (always a good thing to do when updating a system).
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  • Paulgrubb40
    Hi, Right click my computer icon, double click manage, double click disk management, look for unused disk space, right click on unused disk space, select create partition or logical drive, after you create partition wait until new partition completely formats, then restart your computer.
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  • Inamhaque
    Hi All, Thanks for valuable suggestions, I ran the disk managent and it show the total disk capacity of 190GB and unused space of 110GB but only one volume drive C: so can I create a partition on this and assigned a letter to this partition, and which partition option actually I should select physical or logical ! Thanx and Best Regards
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  • Kcharlier
    Try this as well: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;305098 It is about accessing disks grater than 137 GB. Check the registry entry. And try to setup the first partition only during setup and create/format the second partition after installing OS. Another question: Does setup report the correct sizes of the partitions?
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  • Parition

    Actually you may had not created two partitions but created just only one, the 110GB is an unallocated space, you can find it through your Windows Disk Management

    Ways to start your Windows Disk Management:

       Right click on “My computer” and select “Manage” to open the first window.→After that, you will find the “Disk Management” located under “Storage”, click it twice to open it


    You are supposed to create a new partition so that you can use that 110GB'S vaccant space.

    If you worry about your safty of your data stored in your computer, you can download a Partition Assistant to help you hand it well. It will help you more if you read more tutorials on the main page of AOMEI  
    best wish!


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