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I have an old 170 and a live 810 would like to set up the 170 to mirror or be 1 day behind with data from live production system for Disaster Recovery purposes. Have a fiber link between us and the remote site. Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You are going to need a Third Party product such as OMS/400 (Vision Solutions) to run this kind of setup – this may be dependant on the release of OS used on each machine.
I see this running on several of our customer’s machines.
PM me for more details.


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  • JohnDavid
    Hi, The criteria to consider is whether you want instant updating of the backup system or whether the data can be a day old. In the case of instant (real-time) updating you should consider something like Vision, DataMirror or Mimmix. This will log changes occuring on your production system to the backup system in real-time allowing you to use the backup system as the production system when the production system is down. Some cut-over tasks and procudures will be required to achieve this. If the data on the backup system can be day old then you have quite a few inexpensive options. You can use FTP, save and restore using tape, send network files, etc. Most of these can be automated to limit human interaction. Best of luck
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  • Rayne427
    I agree that you will need a third party app to accomplish this. Depending on your budget, you may want to contact the folks at iTera (www.iterainc.com) as they have good solutions that will help you accomplish this. Good luck!
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  • Tbfleet
    Hi all, I gree with those that have responded. The easiest way to handle this is using a third party package. We are using Lakeview's Mimix product. This provides us with an up todate replication of our object changes to our HA box. We also have a dedicated pipe between our locations. In a past life, we did not have the necessity to be this current. We created a nightly job that did save files and FTP'd the data between the systems. Terri
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  • TomLiotta
    No 3rd-party product is required if "1 day behind" is satisfactory. It's not necessary for real-time updates either, but it's certainly far easier with a product designed for the task. You could use SAVRSTLIB for each library and send libraries one after the other. Or you can save to savefiles and FTP them to the other system for restores. As long as capacities and operating system levels are compatible, your saves and restores of production libraries should be just like restoring on the original system. Tom
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  • wpoulin
    Cookie934, If being one day behind is acceptible, as Tom says, you can create save files on your Production System, then FTP them to your Backup System and restore them. I am already doing this process between our Production System and our Development System. No 3rd party software required. Hope this helps, Bill Poulin
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