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AS/400 Spool Files
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I have a spoolfile I suspect a user is moving to a printer, without saving first. Other users are thinking is not generating. It only happens to Friday nights report. I actually caught it on 7/31/09 but didn't think to save it then. I didn't move it so I could see what happen on Monday. Sure enough, Monday morning it was gone. I have looked in the DSPLOG QHST but don't see anything there. And no job logs exist for it. I can just see it in Robot history. Is there a command to see a user moving a spoolfile to a printer? I have an i5 running v5r4. My programming skills are rusty so I was hopping to find a log or trace somewhere with out creating something just for this. Thanks for any tips, hints.

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I don’t think there are any logs
1. User or a job might move splf to queue with printer
2. Outq might be attached to printer for some job
3. OutQ is cleared by some job – could be part of weekend clean-up?
Recommend that you change the print file to SAVE(*YES) or ovrride in the job to SAVE(*YES).
This isn’t going to help if it’s removed by the weekend clean-up.


One command which deletes spool files is Taatool.dltoldsplf, which will delete spool files > X days old. Of course there are other ways of deleting spool files but something like this could be happening.


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  • Whatis23
    Is the job scheduled via Robot (since it runs Friday night)? You can setup the job to save the spool report.
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  • Amaries
    Originally Job was sending splf to outque attached to a printer that is done for so I was manually moving all the reports to another printer until I could get the job changed in robot. All the reports were sitting there in the outque of the broken printer on Monday except this one. I suspected a user was doing the moving and walking off with it since Robot shows it was generated like any other day. The other users think that it just isn't running at all on Fridays. Only thing I can prove is Robot says it ran. So, the next Friday I changed in Robot to the new printer and put the printer on hold. Monday morning all reports printed on new printer except this one. Just shows in Robot where it ran. Finally, last Friday (7/31) I put the printer on hold and checked after scheduled time and yes, the report was there, woohoo! I thought I saved it right then and there just in case so I could prove it is indeed running. Took the printer off hold, came in Monday morning....no report (JUST THIS ONE!!) and no saved copy either. I did find (thanks Whatis23) where to set to save it in Robot. So, is someone just messing with me and walking off with it and deleting it? Possible but 99% of my users are too lazy to even attempt to go into a printer que and look for a report but very likely to walk off with one and not mention it. I will see this Friday if setting it to save in Robot will actually work (won't catch my culprit if they are deleting it though. I am also going to leave the printer on hold until I am standing over it on Monday. Thanks for tips and hints, its driving me crazy even if it seems petty in the overall scope of things. I don't want to resort to removing all users from being able to move reports if I can't prove anything.
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