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AS/400 Client Access
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Anyone know how to disable macros function in Client Access?

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Unfortunately I don’t think there is an easy way if it can be done at all.

We have looked into this ourselves and have had no luck.
We wanted to disable this as well due to the fact some users were creating macros to log in..

We have told them time and time again not to use them but they still find a way.


Try this:
IBM Software Technical Document

Document Number: 18650949

Functional Area: Client Access
Subfunctional Area: Emulation
Sub-Subfunctional Area: General


Product: CA/400 WIN 95 EXPRESS CLIENT (5769XE100)
Windows 95 – CA400 WIN 95 (5763XD100)

OS/400 Release: V3R0M5; V3R1M0; V3R1M1; V3R1M2; V3R1M3; V3R2M0; V3R6M0; V3R7M0; V4R1M0; V4R2M0; V4R3M0; V4R4M0; V4R5M0; V5R1M0; V5R2M0; V5R3M0; V5R4M0
Product Release: N/A
Classification: Entitled/Advanced
Status: Available
Keywords: PC5250, POLICY

Tasks: Use
Document Topics: Product Usage


Document Title: Preventing the Recording of Macros within PC5250

This document provides information about how to prevent the recording of macros within PC5250.

Document Description:
To prevent the recording of macros within PC5250, do the following:
1 For Client Access for Windows 95/NT clients, double-click on the Accessories icon. For Client Access Express and IBM® iSeries™ Access for Windows clients, click on the Emulator icon within the Client Access folder.
2 Double-click on the Menu bar customization utility icon.
3 Click on File, Open.
4 Specify the workstation profile, and click OK.
5 Using the Menu customization program, remove from the menu:
o Under assist: Remove start recording macro.
o Under assist: Remove Keyboard remap.
6 Remove the customization module, pcscmenu.exe from the PC so it cannot be added.

If the menu bar does not allow RECORD MACRO, it does not run even if the RECORD MACRO is on the tool bar.


PMR Number:
Related APARs:
Related Public Documents:
Related Internal Documents:
Submitter Name: Corina Woolston/Rochester/Contr/IBM
Reviewer Name: Wayne Bowers/Rochester/IBM
Creator Name: Wayne Bowers/Rochester/IBM

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  • mcl
    Well.... you could set up iSeries Access for Web. Completely browser-based and totally configurable as to what abilities the user has. You can turn off the macro function. We're playing around with it. My first impression is that it is not for everyone. We have about 1200 users all over the US. We used to have 21 systems with 21 IT people responsible for them. They all basically ran things they way they wanted and some used Macros. Those "macro" offices also never changed passwords. We centralized about four years ago and said no more macros. And added if they did continue to use macros we could not support any problems they caused. Well, it took a few months and most of the macros went away. The few that still use macros never call. In most cases, the macros are starting a session, logging in, running a menu option and logging off. The problems come up with passwords..
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  • WoodEngineer
    Client Access is delivered as a series of .cab files. My last documentation is from V5R2 which contained 19 .cab files, each dedicated to groups of functions. For example, .cab file 7 covers users and groups. We don't want our users to have access to this feature we made an install copy of CA without .cab file 7. Perhaps one of the cab files addresses macro creation and execution. My limited documentation does now cover that level of detail. You might try installing a sub-set of the .cab files and see if macro functionality remains. For most users we only install .cab files 1, 2 and 9.
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  • graybeard52
    There is a place in Navigator where you can control some of these things. I can't remember off hand (was it Application Development?). I am not sure about Macros, but I found I could restrict file transfers to download only there., and there are a number of controls over various CA functions. Its controlled centrally, not at the workstation.
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  • pdraebel
    In Navigator you can do a thing called "Application Administration" (Right click on the System Name will get you there) but there is no possibility of changing the settings for Macro's. (At least I did not find it). A possibility would be to tweak authority settings on the Client and restrict access to the folders where MACRO's, workstation configurations and such are stored to READ only access. A knowledgable user would find a work around for this however.
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