differences between Outlook & Lotus Notes

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diffrence between outlook & lotus Notes

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This post has been waiting too long to be answered. This is probably because there are so many viewpoints on it. I found the following links which discuss the topic and hope that they help.

It would appear that Lotus Notes wins overall but I would recommend taking a look at what the users would prefer. Any time I have changed software it is followed up by training which is always followed by personnel asking questions, seeking further guidance, and everyone getting acquainted with the new software themselves.

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  • TomLiotta
    Outlook is much affordable than Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes is too costly.Outlook is easy to use where as for using Lotus Notes one should need a proper training.   You appear not to know much about Outlook and Notes.   If only Outlook is considered, it can cost less than Notes. But Notes has more features than Outlook and can interact with Lotus Symphony which can be downloaded, installed and used for no charge while Outlook generally requires Office for similar features. When the additional Office "features" are added, it's not so cheap to use Outlook by itself.   Further, this forum receives many more problem posts for Outlook concerning crashes, corrupt or lost .PST files, corrupt .OST files and other problems, while most Notes questions are about legitimate programming techniques and very few mention problems with the product.   The fact that you and others regularly spam this forum with ads for your products that claim to "fix" Outlook is evidence that you don't think Outlook is a very good product. Otherwise you would put more effort into actually helping those who have problems and would possibly give your companies better reputations.   Tom
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  • clark445kent

    At the present time outlook users are much higher than lotus Notes Users because MS Outlook provides many benefits for the company users and single user. A few specific benefits are below:

    Cost Effectiveness and Easy Maintenance:- Mostly  company and single users use MS Office in their PC’s, So you have no need to invest on MS Outlook. But if you use Lotus Notes then you have need to purchase a specific program.

    Ms Outlook is easy to maintain, but lotus Notes maintenance cost is high.

    Time Consumption:- By using MS outlook users will easily save their time because in MS Outlook provides a feature to open multiple accounts at a time with one outlook windows. It’s integrated with a superb feature for business users who use multiple accounts like Gmail, yahoo and etc. In Lotus Notes you have a need for different login windows for different accounts.

    Features, Interface, and User-friendliness:-MS Outlook and Lotus Notes both are amazing and excellent email clients. Both are providing an effective interface for communication they manage contacts, calendars, etc. But when we compare both, then MS Outlook comes first due its better user interface. Any technical and non-technical users easily use it and fulfill all needs in simple clicks. 

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  • Gabe9527

    Please remember that the real question behind this is the client. MS gives away the Outlook client to schools as well as other office product. This means that people are used to this product from a very early age.

    Outlook is marketed everywhere. There isn't a person about that has not seen one sort of MS advert saying how brilliant their product are. IBM do not direct market which is a failing. When they do direct marketing it is about the most pointless ideas about SMARTER PLANET or something else like that. These only make sense to IBM and noone else.

    If we are talking about email, clanedar, etc etc - the clients themselve are now closer than every with both Exchange and Domino (the servers) trying to move to a more Web based. Platform. Domino has built in web services and Exchange does not it has to be built on a system with IIS.

    Domino administrators will fight to the end that Domino is better. At the end of the day though the users seem to win through as everyone seems to think Outlook is the better option (like they know).

    If you want only mail, calendar, contacts go for Exchange it is not as expensive and most trained monkeys can administrer it. If you want a more secure / team based system then go Domino but the Administrators tend to be a pain in the butt and think that know it all <--- me included <see above>


    The clients and the hardware they need to run is not important as both will take what ever you can throw at it and still ask for more.

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  • AshishSingh10

    As we are discussing about the differences between Outlook and Lotus Notes, there are two main factors that I would like to elaborate. These two factors are: -

    1. Cost Factor
    2. Time Factor 

    From a common user to technocrat, each and every one us prefer to go for the tools that can be easily obtained and are cost effective. Here only, the significant difference between Outlook and Lotus Notes occur.

    --> Cost optimization: - Microsoft Outlook can easily be obtained with Microsoft Office suite. You need not to do any extra investment for that. However, Lotus, Notes is an independent program that needs to be purchased.

    --> Time Management: - Outlook proves to be more beneficial because it allows the users to manage multiple accounts at the same time. However, in Lotus Notes, you need to separately login for each account.

    From my point of view, these are the two very basic, yet crucial differences between Outlook and Lotus Notes.

    Thanks and regards

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