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What is the difference between WCF and Web Services in .NET? Why are we using WCF in place of WebServices?

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<b>Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) has an ASP.NET compatibility mode option to enable WCF applications to be programmed and configured like ASP.NET Web services, and mimic their behavior.

Major Difference is That Web Services Use XmlSerializer But WCF Uses
DataContractSerializer which is better in Performance as Compared to XmlSerializer.
Key issues with XmlSerializer to serialize .NET types to XML

* Only Public fields or Properties of .NET types can be translated into XML.
* Only the classes which implement IEnumerable interface.
* Classes that implement the IDictionary interface, such as Hash table can not be serialized.

Important difference between DataContractSerializer and XMLSerializer.

* A practical benefit of the design of the DataContractSerializer is better performance over Xmlserializer.
* XML Serialization does not indicate the which fields or properties of the type are serialized into XML where as DataCotratSerializer Explicitly shows the which fields or properties are serialized into XML.
* The DataContractSerializer can translate the HashTable into XML.</b>

<img src=”http://keithelder.net/blog/images/keithelder_net/blog/WindowsLiveWriter/WCFvsASMXWebServices_ABC2/image_6.png” alt=”What WCF Can Replace?” />

More thing we can host the WCF services in number of hosting applications, unlike Asp.net webservices, which support only iis hosting.

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  • Srikyan06
    web service can have only one end point. but WCF have multiple end points to communicate with the source.
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  • KishITKT
    more secure, fault / error configuration
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  • WCFF
    Web services can only be invoked by HTTP. While Service or a WCF component can be invoked by any protocol and any transport type. Second web services are not flexible. But Services are flexible. If you make a new version of the service then you need to just expose a new end point. So services are agile and which is a very practical approach looking at the current business trends. For more details please check out this link... http://mindstick.com/Interview/252/What%20is%20the%20difference%20WCF%20and%20Web%20services
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  • Fff
    Asp.net web services can use only HTTP chanenel. Not supports msmq and tcp binding... WCF is flexible because its services can be hosted in different types of applications. The following lists several common scenarios for hosting WCF services: IIS WAS Self-hosting Managed Windows Service WCF = Web services + .Net Remoting + MSMQ + (COM+
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