Difference between replicas of Lotus Notes mailfiles

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Lotus Notes 7.x

Replica pair of a mailfile was lost due to an accident.

I’ve created a new replica from the user’s homeserver to its cluster. But the size of the mailfile and document numbers is different in the new replica.

I’ve read difference of the size is caused by the new replica creation. Because, during the creation, Notes does a kind of ‘compacting’ too. So usually a new replica is smaller then the original one.

But what does it cause the difference between the document numbers? Somebody said Notes did not create deletion stubs in a new replica. Others said Notes didn’t create documents in new replica if they are placed in the ‘Trash bin’ folder.

Which is true? Or what is the real explanation of the described symptom?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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Run fixup compact on exising mail file and check

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  • Gabe9527
    OK first things first... the live mail was not lost only the clustered pair..... this means that what is live is the replica that you have already. So if the document could is different in the cluster there is an issue with the replication. Check things like replication settings. Readers fields for documents and folders etc. This may or may not effect what the server can or cannot replica but it is worth looking into. As is encryption that the server cannot read. Now the DB size differece. This is easy to explain when a Domino server updates a view or index it keeps these for speed and easy. These build up and are server specific and do not replicate. So if you access a DB all the time and never go to the clustered pair then you will see a size differece between the two servers. A compact -d will remove all cached views and indexes. If you did this on the live mail you would see that they would be the same size. Give thes a try.
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  • Javazza
    I've just got a tip a friend of mine. An unread document may cause the problem. Try to mark all documents to read in Calendar and Mail. Open mailfile -> Swtich to Calendar and/or Mail view -> Click on Edit -> Unread Marks -> Mark All Read It may help.
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  • Gabe9527
    Unread Marks should not make a difference..... only the UNREAD tables will not replicate if the Database properties are not set. Clear the replication history on both Servers' DB's then replicate again. This will force a full replica again
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