difference between QSTGLOWLMT and Threshold in dsk capabilty

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there is a confusion regarding the ASP%. Just wanted to know that we have set the ASP% threshold in the SST as 90% and in the System Value is set to 95% as shown below Display System Value System value . . . . . : QSTGLOWLMT Description . . . . . : Auxiliary storage lower limit Lower limit . . . . . : 5.0000 0-100 percent And Display Disk Configuration Capacity ----Protected--- ---Unprotected-- ASP Unit Type Model Threshold Overflow Size %Used Size %Used 1 90% No 635084 56.39% 0 0.00% 1 4327 072 61744 78.36% 0 0.00% 2 4327 072 61744 53.32% 0 0.00% 3 4327 072 61744 53.03% 0 0.00% 4 4327 072 61744 53.18% 0 0.00% 5 4327 072 61744 53.36% 0 0.00% 6 4327 072 61744 53.13% 0 0.00% 7 4327 072 61744 53.30% 0 0.00% 8 4327 070 70564 56.51% 0 0.00% 9 4327 072 61744 53.01% 0 0.00% 10 4327 070 70564 56.62% 0 0.00% I wanted to know, what is the difference between both the values? Which value overrides which value? Why we are having these two different values? Could you please advise me. Thanks and regards, Suresh

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Its simple logic. the sst threshold Limit starting the early warning point like send the message to qsysopr or msg que. but QSTGLOWLMT means system will take the action like (ipl ) no need to wait for the 100% ASP.


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  • TomLiotta
    There are multiple differences. First, a system can have maybe a couple hundred ASPs, and each can have its own ASP% threshold. But there is only a single QSTGLOWLMT. The SST ASP% threshold can be thought of as early warning. Whether your system has a single ASP or dozens of them, the result of exceeding an ASP's % threshold will be messages to QSYSOPR and/or QSYSMSG (which is often a better choice). If a user ASP% threshold is crossed and even if it breaks 100%, there is no necessarily critical condition. It may simply take some actions to bring the used amount back down to a reasonable level and perhaps to reset conditions after an IPL at some later time. But exceeding 100% of a user ASP will encroach on system ASP storage. The system ASP is more important to the system than user ASPs are. When user ASPs begin to overflow into the system ASP, risk increases. QSTGLOWLMT is specific to the system ASP. It doesn't matter if your system has only one or more ASPs, QSTGLOWLMT always relates to the system ASP. It also relates to the QSTGLOWACN system value. When QSTGLOWLMT is triggered, the QSTGLOWACN directive is done. QSTGLOWACN specifies an action for the system to take. This might be merely sending a message, but it can be calling a program, dropping to restricted state or even powering down. ASP% thresholds cause messages to be sent. They are "early warnings" that someone probably should start to do something. QSTGLOWLMT is "last resort". Since no one managed to handle the ASP% messages in time, the system will take over and protect itself in the manner given by QSTGLOWACN. Tom
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