Diferent types of PTF’s

Cumulative PTFs
Diference between Cumulative and Hyper PTF, How to install these PTF's? Can any one provide step to Step Procedures..

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Cumulative PTFs are a package containing all the PTF’s up to date. HIPER PTF’s are important updates for your system (not all PTF’s).

To install use GO PTF, option 8 (Install program temporary fix package) and follow the instructions on the screen.


Martin Gilbert.

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  • TomLiotta
    A slight change for more accuracy -- Cumulative PTFs are a package containing all the PTF's up to date. A cumulative (cume) PTF package doesn't contain all PTFs up to date. It contains probably the majority of them; but they only include ones IBM determines apply to most systems and they don't include PTFs that have been issued since the publication date of the cume package. A PTF might apply only to a very specific combination of hardware and software. A high-end tape drive, for example, might have a PTF that takes advantage of particular option that is not common. (A made-up' example.) The PTF ay be be cataloged on the IBM PTF site as being part of cume level "1000" which means "none". There's no point in having it shipped to everyone. Then there are "group PTF packages". These are sets of PTFs that all relate to an area such as DB2 or Java. Group packages are released much more often than cume packages. If you have an issue with a SQL function, it might be handled in the DB2 group that was released in the past two or three weeks while the latest cume package could be three, four or more months old and not have it. The latest PTFs in a group will probably not be on a cume yet. When you order the latest cume package, IBM also sends the latest DB2 group package for that reason. Many DB2 PTFs can be missed by not applying the DB2 group. HIPER PTF packages contain "High Impact/PERvasive" PTFs. These are PTFs that are likely to affect nearly everybody regardless of their hardware or software options or that may correct serious issues. A cume package order will also result in the current HIPER package being sent. Tom
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  • Splat
    Me, I use the download via FTP option at Fix Central. Once downloaded, I put the .bin files into an IFS directory, then load them into an image catalogue (WRKIMGCLG). Then it's just a matter of following Martin's instructions when the time comes to install them. This is a sketchy overview of the process, but it's not hard to figure out the individual steps. Please note, to make the image catalogue work you'll need to create a virtual optical device - you need it to load the catalogue.
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