AS/400 virtual printer error – Device XXXX configuration not valid. Reason code 2301.

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This virtual printer device has been working for months, but now it just stopped. Any advice?

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Do you have a SAVF or SAVE FILE of your system configuration? The AS/400 should do an auto-configuration of devices. The default as supplied (OS/400 operating system) from IBM is AUTOCONFUGURATION=YES. With autoconfiguration = yes, once a device (workstation, printer…) is connected and powered on, the AS/400 should configure the device as soon as it senses its presence.

The 2301 error is a device configuration error. Have your system/configuration files become corrupted?
I would think if the printer had been working correctly (either manual configuration or automatic configuration) it should continue to do so.

Depending on your system, more recent systems have hot swap and dynamic attributes where the system will recognize changes. Depending on hardware and OS/400 or i5/OS or IBM i version, you may have to re-IPL for the system to recognized any changes or corrections. (you may be able to unplug and plug in and power on the device/printer again after re-IPL-ing the AS/400.

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  • Voodoovw
    You've only used the name for this printer ( The name given under Specify workstation ID when configured) once right. Sounds like part of the setup for this printers name might already be in use. There may be an OUTQ with a writer started or a device (Maybe a print session on another PC with the same printer name) already started. Check your setup:
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  • slack400
    IPL's and the like should not be needed. (I'll admit there's a 1 in a million chance that an IPL might help) A virtual printer is most likely externally defined on a PC or server somewhere. You'll need to troubleshoot from there. I've never had any luck troubleshooting virtual printers from the AS400. The spooky fact that you can actually stop and start a writer from the AS400 to a virtual printer is a bit of a joke. It never works. Do this. From the AS400 end the writer and vary off the virtual printer. Then rename the printer and output queue. Then go to the PC/server that houses the device and stop/start the session. If that PC is working you should come back and see the new device back on the AS400. Then just move your spooled files back over. I've seen this alot with non-client access emulators, especially older versions (pre V5R1 days). Just because emulator products let you setup virtual printers on a desktop doesn't mean it's a good idea. I keep all critical printing functions away from virtual printers. the AUTO CONFIGURATION system value on an AS400 doesn't work for virtual printers. It's the equivalent to the Plug and Play cabability in Windows. It only covers devices directly attached to your server.
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  • Whoknows
    An IPL cleans up your system but does little to correct printer error. Here are a couple of things to think about. 1 Have you added new patches to your network, 2. Have you changed any drivers for the printer. 3. Has there been any changes to the router. If the networking group states nothing has changed, try reconfiguring the printer. I have seen that error a couple of times and it makes reference to a configuration. I do a couple of things for all printers. in order to try and avoid the reconfig at a later time. I have a library in the as400 and once I am happy with a config I do a retrive source, then I always have the original Also, here is a URL you may find interesting, since most of us customize thru WSCST, this will tell you how to set your options rather than the guessing game. It has all printers. Regards, Mark
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  • TroyBekker
    Thanks for the responses to this. I feel really stupid, but it turns out the remote writer had been stopped. I restarted it and everything started printing immediately. Thanks again!
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