Dell Optiplex GX520 hibernation/sleep mode issues

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Hello, We have several Dell Optiplex GX520's on the network running Windows XP pro. They randomly fall into sleep mode. Moving the mouse will not wake them - you have to push the power button to get them out of sleep mode. Also we are not able to remotely wake them to do patch updates or remotely use them in general. The power scheme is set to 'always on'. Hibernation is disabled. Hard disk set to never turn off. System set to never go to standby mode. And pressing the power button is set to power off. With all this the machines keep going to sleep. The BIOS settings are also set to WAKE ON LAN. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you for your time.

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I’ve encountered that problem with several other makes and models – including some Dell Optiplex models.

I generally just go into the control panel Power applet and disable those options.

Not much insight, but fewer problems afterwards.


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  • Cagemonk
    Hello, Same exact issue here with my GX520. My buddies and I looked for the obvious PM settings in Windows as well as the BIOS. I also flashed the firmware, with no positive results. I think that something is bugged about the machine. Let's see if Dell support will make me a happy customer. M
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  • SirTom
    You might be confusing your Power LED being Yellow as your PC being in a sleep mode (like a Laptop). When actually it’s telling you have a problem. Check this link for LED Status Codes. I have had several Dell OptiPlex power down to a Steady Yellow LED and had to have their motherboards and CPU replaced. LED State System State Steady Yellow The power supply is functioning, but the system is not processing data. This may indicate an issue with the system board or CPU. Blinking Yellow The power supply is receiving power from the source but is unable to properly distribute it to the components. This may indicate a power supply problem. Steady Green This generally indicates that the system is functioning normally. However, if problems are detected with installed components, the system may initiate a beep code. Blinking Green The system is in a Standby ACPI state. Off The system power is off.
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  • Vmorales
    Cagemonk and Jmello i have a simular issue with our GX520. Its a power supply issue. The power LED should blink an amber light. Where are you guys located? I am trying to get the GX520 problem fixed but dell thinks its our power. So can you please post where you are from and if your still having this problem. Thanks. FYI I am in Southern California.
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  • Wrobinson
    If you are unable to stop the computer from going to sleep or hibernating, which is rather strange, then you may want to look at disabling power management in the BIOS. I would contact Dell technical support on this one, if you have not already done so.
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  • EPS
    am also having same problem with Dell Optilpex model , Wrobinson did you got any luck with Dell technical support.
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  • IT Guy
    I had a problem with a GX520. According to the user it was happening once a week. When I looked at it I died with a minute. I had a hard time starting it. It had dust through out the box. I blew the dust out of the the computer and power supply. It stopped..
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  • TheCapKing
    For optiplex GX-520s the power supply fan is usually the problem. It is a 70X15mm Usually ADDA DC brushless 12v .18A that stops spinning. Check thecapking website I will eventually start selling these fans as it seems to be happening to me a lot lately.
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  • Miirobels
    i have the same problem but my power button is green, so when i switch it on, the computer turns its sel on but does not display any thing on the screen pliz i have alot of work with my exams comming how can i solve this problem. its an optilex gx something. my mail is . thank you
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  • Miirobels
    my pc is a dell duo core, with meory more than 700 MB, but it takes long to load the OS(windows xp) and it is also slow, could it be a harddisk problem?
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  • singhjeet
    I have try this idea but it is not working. My computer is on power save mode give me another idea. thank you.
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