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Hi, Can anybody tell me how to delete the physical file(PF-DTA) without deleting its dependent files (LF).

Actually we are having Mimix running in our live and DR system, in the DR I want to delet PF only and resync with the live.

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Direct Deletion of PF is not possible without deleting LF’s of that PF.
In this case, If you want to resync with live data. You should be re-building the LF’s associated with it.


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  • CharlieBrowne
    Sincve only the PF actually contains data and the LF is just pointers, you can do a CLRPFM ro get rid of the data. THen when you repopulate it, the LF will rebuild.
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  • pdraebel
    Since MiMiX is involved and you want to Sync a PF you should not worry about the LF's on the target. If I am not mistaken the Synchronisation will take care of rebuilding the Lf''s on the target as you Sync the Pf
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  • Splat
    Why do you think your data on the DR system is not in sync with your data on the live system?
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  • RossHowatson
    You can clear the Physical File and restore the data manually into the Physical File from another library but you cannot delete the Physical File without first deleting all of the logical files. Think of removing the children (logical and join logical files) before removing the parent (physical file). If you want to replace the data in the PF from a backup that just contains PF data restore this into a different library and then do a CPYF from one library back into the first file. If you are doing a restore from a SAVLIB then clear or delete the library and do the RSTLIB. At least you will find out if you have new logical files being built on your physical files. In V7R1 (and possibly V6.1) you can do a system restore of all user libraries and restore all physical files before restoring logical files before it restores the data. This handles logical files in one library that are before the physical file library.
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  • TomLiotta
    Logical files can't exist without the physical files that they refer to. In order to provide a useful response, we should know why you want to delete the physical if all you need to do is sync the data. AFAIK, MIMIX will do a sync without deleting anything. Alternatively, delete all of them and bring them over together. What is the actual problem that you need to solve? Tom
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  • Rrbond07
    You can not delete a PF while there is a LF over it. You can delete the object FL code then delete the PF. The LF can be recomplied later.
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  • jprobin
    Rename the PF object.
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  • aceofdelts
    I believe you could remove the PF member. I've not tried this, though I have removed LF members (to keep the definition but remove the pointers).
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