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SQL Server 2005
Hi, actually I know the importance of backup, but I don't have the back up in any-how condition. Accidentally the database deleted by me. How do I recover it? How to use the transaction.log file to restore deleted database in SQL Server 2005?

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If you do not have a full backup to start the restore process with there is no way to recover the database. Once the database is deleted it is deleted.

If you have an older full backup and the transaction log backups then you can restore the full backup, then apply the transaction log backups to it. However this requires that you have all the transaction log backups from the time the full backup was taken until now. If any backups are missing or damaged then you can not go any further forward than that.


well you can do it with a backup and transaction logs but there are other ways.

There is quite a lot that can be done to recover deleted SQL databases.
I’ll assume you are using something like Windows server and hence an NTFS file system, if that’s the case doing a scan of the file system for deleted files is quite easy. Once a file is deleted in NTFS the record in the file system and the actual area the data takes up is considered unallocated, so the more files you write to the volume after its deleted the greater the chance the data and its file system record will be overwritten.

If the files record is still there you can copy out the data but the database still might have been overwritten so will need to be checked for errors.
If there is no longer a file record for the database the only other option is to scan the data area for the SQL information. At a low level SQL data is stored in pages and it’s possible to scan for these and put the database back together.

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  • SQLdatamanager
    I was also experiencing same kind of problem, then while searching on internet I found a tool which helped me in recovering deleted tables from sql server. you can take reference from:
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  • Brijesh

    If your database is in full recovery mode you can also try third party tools such as ApexSQL Log or SQL Log Rescue.

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  • ToddN2000
    Wish I would have had some of this info a while back. I too accidentally messed up my database. My only recourse was a back-up. I do know the importance of them. I have been through a few disaster recoveries. Even with the best plan you may still lose a bit of data.
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