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When placing a 4 next to a spool file to delete the spool file, is there some way to disallow this. (Possibly thru OVRPRTF command). I have certain spool files that I do not want to allow an operator to delete, until hey have been scanned. Part B of this question, is once scanned, can I somehow change at this point to allow them to delete the spool file. Please advise

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One option is to create your own screen/program which looks and acts alot like WRKSPLF but with your code under the covers. Then your pogram can decied when to accept the delete request.

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  • Piano
    Thank you for your response. However this solution isn't feasible since most spool files can be deleted, and so the effort would be great! I really only want to modify one particular spool file with USRDTA named CASHPS thru OVRPRTF command . This is what you see when you use the WRKSPLF. Can we do seomthing in this C/L program so that after the file spools out, it prevents any user from deleting. If so, can we then change back after the spool file gets scanned, so that anyone is allowed to delete this file. Again, we are talking about one spool file singled out by USRDTA=CASHPS. Please advise
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  • philpl1jb
    No, I don't know of anything that will do what you want to the spool file. But it looks like you can restrict access to an outq .. and the spool files in it. wrkoutqd Operator controlled . . . . . . . . . : *NO Authority to check . . . . . . . . . . : *DTAAUT and setting the object authority on the Queue to restrict data delete
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  • GreenleeB
    You don't explain how the scanning is accomplished. Is this an automatic procedure or is the spooled file printed and then fed to a scanner? It sounds like theses spooled file are mixed in with others and get deleted by mistake. I would think that these spooled files should be routed to an outq specifically for scanning and, perhaps, restricted from anyone other than those who do the scanning. This way documents to be scanned would be segregated and the likelihood of them being deleted by accident would be reduced. If you choose to restrict the outq, the authorized users would have authority to delete them afterward.
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  • Brijesh
    Refer this to delete spool file.
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  • ToddN2000
    You may get the results by changing the authority on the spool file when its created to who will be doing the scanning. Then after it's scanned have that profile be the one with the authority to delete it.
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