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I am a delegate for another person so I can set up meetings.  The problem is I am now getting all responses for meetings she has set up.  How do we stop that from happening......




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Outlook 2007

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When you are a delegate Outlook is designed to send you the responses. On the delegates settings page you will see only three choices for meeting responses. ALL of them say to send the response to the delegate. This is a feature, not a problem of Outlook and the only way to not get those responses is to stop being the delegate.

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  • Abbymax
    Your answer makes sense to me but prior to us moving to Outlook 2007 we were using Outlook 2003. I am still a delegate to another 4 people and I do not get their replies to meeting invites. I did but they unchecked something in 2003 so I no longer received the responses. My newest person just added me yesterday to be a delegate and I do get all responses even when she does the meeting invite. I will accept your answer but it makes me scratch my head why the other folks replies do not come to me. Thanks
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  • Technochic
    Wish I could tell you, it is a head scratcher I agree. The only thing that comes to mind is somehow the old settings held for the other users but the new user, since they added you in the 2007 version, only has the new settings to apply.
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  • secretaryCSW
    I'm wondering, if the delegate must receive the meeting requests and replies, is there a way to set up a rule where they all get filtered into a certain folder? (especially when I'm on vacation, it's pretty horrible to have all these requests and replies peppering my inbox)Any help with this would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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  • TLC2Hall
    To minimize the emails have the originator that set-up the delegate to Uncheck the option "Delegate receives copies of meeting-related messages sent to me" when set the delegates.
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