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Hi gang, I have a user who states that since a week or so ago when she submitts her bills they are now going to our ITLASER outq. I confirmed this by wrking with her job and dispalying the outq. I changed the print q back to what is should be but of course when she logs out and back in, it defaults back to the wrong outq. Where else can I change this setting to hold the correct outq?? It is not in her job description as her job description states MDRIVER has her out q. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! Rick

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Look in her user profile. I have been finding where someone has placed an outq or printer within the user profile so that everything they do goes there. I normally set it to *WRKSTN where the have the ability to move spool files where they need.


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  • Rmason
    Hi TPinky, That is what I checked first and it is set to *wrkstn(??) This one is baffling me.
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, If it's set to *WRKSTN, take alook at the device description for the workstation. You can also specify a *OUTQ for the workstation device, so maybe this is where it gets the *OUTQ for your user. How does the user connect, do they always use the same workstation device? Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, Another thing you can take a look at is the user's initial program, maybe this does a CHGJOB somewhere to set the *OUTQ. Or possibly some other program that has been run since the user signed on has changed the *OUTQ. I'd suggest getting the user to sign-off, then sign-on again and check the job before they start any other options - if the *OUTQ is already changed, then there's an issue with the *JOBD, *USRPRF or initial program. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • mcl
    Original question stated "since a week or so ago".. That would tend to make me thing that something has changed. If the URSPRF, JOBD and DEVD are all OK, then you need to look at the programs being used. Yeah, like Martin says, check her job when she signs on. If that looks OK, then some program she is using could be changing her job or overriding the print file. You can start with the obvious (the program that generates the "bills" ) but you may need to look for anything that does a CHGJOB or OVRPRTF. You might want to also ask her if she started doing something new about the same time the problem came up. Happy hunting! Regards Mike
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