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Hello, I have recently forgotten my Facebook password and my account settings in Facebook for password reset is to send a link to my yahoo account. That account has been unfortunately deactivated so I tried to get my hash password instead. Could someone help me decrypt it please? I have read that there is no way of reactivating my yahoo account and I really don't want to start over a new Facebook page.
Hash: 10d23d3e0489a02b75afbf95ab6f20fd

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Check out the Facebook forum on this issue HERE hope it helps

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  • Subhendu Sen
    As you forgotten, only yahoo can help you in this regard. You can call their customer support/can do chat with their representative regarding this matter. As this is a security issue, without knowing more, not possible to provide this kind of help.
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  • pkchurox7
    I've been trying to find any customer support but they only provide chat forums. Their chats also do not exist. So there's no way anybody can help me decrypt this hash? :(
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  • Subhendu Sen
    We don't know either this account belongs to you, not only you forgotten Facebook password, your private mail account (yahoo) is deactivated. As you mentioned, it is deactivated but assuming still you can remember Yahoo user ID/password. You can open the Yahoo sign in page. Here enter your Yahoo ID/ password. After signing in, enter captcha/any verification code if prompted. Click Reactivate. You can also get help from their customer support.
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  • brothernia
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  • ToddN2000
    As you probably know - decryption of any hash is near impossible and also illegal if you are not the owner.Being able to accurately decrypt a hash would defeat the purpose of it there are some on line site that claim they can do it but do you want to risk giving them a hash that they could use for their own purposes??
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  • TheRealRaven
    Since a "hash" isn't 'encrypted', it can't be "decrypted". A hash may resolve to a practically infinite number of possible original values. There's no good way to determine which of the possibilities is correct.
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