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In my Access 2003 form values with decimal places are rounding to whole number. I've set the property to fixed formal with 2 decimal places and the problem continues.

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Sorry I misunderstood your question. If you DO NOT want rounding at all, then change the datatype to Single or Double.

If you have Long or Integer in as the datatype, then Access will only deal with the values as whole numbers and will automatically round up.


THANKS! I changed the datatype to double and I am now able to display correctly (e.g. with 2 decimal places) You’re a life saver!


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  • Thongtarget
    Thanks for the info. I'll have to try this out!
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  • Juju
    I wasn't clear -- I don't want my values to round and they are. E.g., I enter 1.50 and get 2.00. I've tried setting the number format to fixed with auto decimal places, fixed with 2 dec places, general with 2, etc and it continues to round. HELP!
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  • Randym
    I have seen alot of misconception about using the number of decimal places and the format properties in the form. These are just the display format. They do not affect what is stored in the database. The data type of the column in the table must be Number with the field size of single or double if you want it to contain decimal places. A data type of currency will store only two decimal places. A data type of number with a field size of integer or long will store no decimal places.
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  • tnie1509
    tq sooo much!!!i searched all day long on how to disable the round simple as that..thanx a lot!!
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  • Lestrad
    Hello. I am having a similar problem in Access 2003. I have a Report that is based on a Query that is based on two tables. The data are prices, all less than one Euro.They can sometumes run to 4 decimal places. The query retrieves the 4-decimal prices from the table and displays them as such, but when I use the price in an expression in the Query or in a field in the Report, it gets rounded down to two decimal places. I've made sure that the format is "General Number" everywhere, and in the table the prices are set as Number and Double. I've also made sure that my Windows Regional settings allow 4 decimal places. Is there something else I can try?

    Thanks in advance
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