DDM files on IBM i

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AS/400 DDM Function
AS/400 File Transfer
can you plz show an example of using DDM files on AS/400, can i transfer files between two different machines(AS/400) with this?

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IBM i,V6R1

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We use DDM files across 3 machines.
Identify the file (PF or LF) on box 1. Then on box 2 use CRTDDMF and fill in the file name & library from box 1. For Remote Location, we use the IP address (so type is *IP).

Note that the file names do not need to match across boxes. It is useful to have meaningful names, though (e.g. a DDM over our ITEMS file on the U.S. box might be named ITEMSUS on other boxes).

You can’t query nor SQL the DDM file but you can write single records to it via a program (I never tried CPYF but seems like that should not work).

Mike L.

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  • TomLiotta
    I suppose DDM could be used to transfer files, but it doesn't seem appropriate. DDM is more useful for transferring records than entire files. You usually use DDM to create an endpoint on one system that connects to a PF on another system. Using RPG, for example, you then OPEN the DDM file and read/write the records just like you would if the PF was on your local system. CPYF should work fine either to or from a DDM file. In that sense, you can "transfer" a file from the remote system to your local system by issuing CPYF with FROMFILE() as your DDM file and TOFILE() being a new file on your local system. You also would specify CRTFILE(*YES). That is like doing a FTP GET. Tom
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  • MurrayInfoSys
    Ten2008, We use DDM files to refresh the Development environment from the Production environment all the time. You create a DDM file on the Development machine that POINTS to the production machine. Then you copy the DDM file from the Development machine to a location on the Development machine where you want to store the Production data. Hummm ... sounds complicated. I've got to figure out a better description.
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  • MurrayInfoSys
    OOPS! Forgot to add that the line speed is the biggest problem in this method!
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  • IS Questions
    Sorry if I add another question, can you DDM from a V5R3 to a V6R1 machine?
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