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Hi, im currently setting up a Windows Server 2003 server, I only have problem with dcpromo. Basically after I set the IP address to be static and make the default gateway same as the server, and use DCPROMO, in the end the dns address isn't the IP address of the computer, instead it's Localhost, IP: (loopback). I remember doing this a while ago on my other server but the IP adress of the dns was actually the ip address of the server. I used nslookup to view this. Also the server is connected to a Netgear Switch. Is there anything that I'm doing wrong??

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the netgear switch doesnt allow u to have an IP address on it, the netgear switch is that simple 5 -port switch (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/35437) <<link of switch im currently using. If the DC’s DNS is then why cant i connect other XP computers to my domain..?

Your default gateway should be set to the IP address of the netgear switch or, better yet, your router. If this is the first Domain controller for the domain, is fine, you can change it if you want. If it is a second domain controller, manually set the DNS address to your original DNS server.


You need to manually set the DNS address in your client machines to the server. Otherwise they don’t see the domain.

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  • Dwiebesick
    Is this the only server in your current enviroment? If so, then you should set the NIC IP to these static IP settings. IP can be any that is with in your scope (e.g. Subnet mask or what you need. and the default gateway is the IP address of your router (you are using one - correct?) e.g. and then your DNS should be only which (in my example) is your server. During DCPromo, it will either see that you have DNS service installed or it will install the service. It is important that you have this setup for Active Directory to work. After you have your server setup you will use DNS Forwarders to point to external DNS for resolution (like OpenDNS Use DHCP to configure your workstations. So first, decide your network IP scheme. Configure your router with LAN static and what ever you are using for WAN. Then set your server NIC LAN IP information.
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  • Bbb
    if iam not set manually ip address that problem is still down.can you tell me sir with pervaite ip address we could not install the AD
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  • Stevesz
    The assigned IP address should be withing the IP range you are using for your network. You mention another server. If this other server performs the DNS lookups, the DNS address should point to that server. A device should not point to itself, if possible, as a primary DNS server to be used. The gateway should point to the internal facing address of the last device before the Internet connection, or left blank if there is no gateway to the Internet.
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