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I am building web applications, using ASP.NET, each of which must store/retrieve data to/from a set of central databases. I basically have a choice between using MS Access or SQL Server and could use some advice about which to go for or what criteria to apply. Bear in mind that there will be several databases (20-30), none of which will grow very large (i.e easily within Access's capacity). Any suggestions please?

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A – SQL Server. (that is period)
Access is good for developement, good for small workgroups, good anywhere the Input/Output/Update is linear and NOT prone to multiple simultaneous requests.

SQL Server is scalable, built for simultaneous requests, and an easy fit with ASP.ASP.NET.

You said there would be multiple databases – has to be SQL Server. Inner and Outer Joins are a lot easier. Multiple databases in Access is multiple instances of Access, multiple databases in SQL Server is one instance. You can serve a great many more pages for the same memory and processor requirements.

And before you spend a lot of money, have you looked at Linux/Apache/PerlPHP/MySQL. The new (5.0) version of MySQL handles ‘Stored Procedures’. Stored procedures are the other reason why SQL wins [SQL Server or MySQL or Oracle or …]. The ability to create code processes that can be shared from the master database to any database WITHOUT having to copy the code into the specific database.

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  • EmanuelCZ
    Yes, SQL Server is good choice. And, if your database is small you may want to use MSDE (free SQL Server with some limitations, up to 2 GB data storage). If you use MS Access you won't be able to handle many concurrent users. MS Access locks databases when you try to access them so no other user can work with it.
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  • BeerMaker
    If you're doing ASP.NET then stick with SQL Server or MSDE. Then check the pricing/licensing and number of concurrent users you expect to hit your website. You won't go wrong with SQL server.
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  • DBAndrew
    SQL Server is the only legit choice amongst the Microsoft products if you're working with more than 5 users (see MSDE licence details on Microsoft site) We run some with Oracle backend - works OK
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  • Fgwisar2000
    Yes, I recomend you to use MS-SQL becouse you can: - use stored procedures - grant or revoke permisions - use joins between all your tables - use windows/sql autentification - do backups In general SQL will give you a better administration, think in it.
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  • Taney2000
    Yes please SQL server. Please try and think out such things as possible growth, and usage. SQL is designed for multi-user access while Access can adapt to it. There is also the question of size. Remember that Access is limited to 2GB in size.
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