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Hi, The motive behind this question is to make the better decision for my career. I have to choose either Data Warehousing and Java/J2EE. Following are the details about my career: Work Experience: 3 Years Skills: Java/J2EE and Oracle (Equally good in both Technologies) Good at programming and possess good Database knowledge. Posess knowledge of vague Data Warehousing Concepts. At present, there is not much work in Java/J2EE apart from refactoring of code etc. Finished my OCA as a PL/SQL Developer. We are using Informatica and Business Objects tools in DW. Our company had DW team of size 40 and as per one senior person in that team, there will be considerable amount of exposure in DW in our company. But the concern is he is not expert in J2EE, so he is not able to do the comparison. Short Term Plan: To get H1B and earn money (by working 4 to 5 Years in US). It will take minimum one year to get H1B for US. Seeing my work profile and my skill set, and considering my short term plan which area will be better, Java or DW. Also I want to know whether there is any relationship between Java and DW, means will my Java/J2EE exposure help if I choose DW now in the future once I play higher roles. From past 15 days, I am thinking about it. Please try to give both the advantages and disadvantages of choosing each of them. I will be looking for proper counselling. Regards, Viswanath

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Your career choice is not between Java and Data Warehousing. Your career choice is programming. From time to time, you will be asked to do things you don’t know how to do. Learn them and do them well. If you have that attitude, your career will be sucsessful. Given the medical and social security picture, you’re about 42 years from retirement. Your chances of ending up programming in Java or on data warehouse are very small. About the same as my chances of landing another Fortran II job (thats a two in Roman numerals, not an eleven). If you want your career to last, you must be flexible.

So, what to pick now? Whichever offer looks more profitable or stable.


Datawarehousing Market is hot these days. But the problem is, DW is mostly tool based. you have many tools in DW: Informatica, DataStage, Abinitio etc. If you re choosing DW, then that means you got a chance to master one of that tool. And unlike java, you don’t have too much competitors here. If you are planning for quick money, then DW is the call.

But JAVA is JAVA. If you think for long term, then java is better choice anyway. Because program writing is something that goes better everytime you compose it. JAVA is more challenging and tough. And if you will be able to have good command in java, then it will pay you better in future.

While using a tool there will be a limit, after which you don’t have much to learn. Only the DataBase will get more complex, more number of tables, more hetrogeniety. But way to do that will always be same.

My advice, run a search in big companies Microsoft, Google, Adobe etc for the requirement of JAVA , Informatica, BO. You will get the clear picture. Try to vary the min work-ex so that you can make comparisons : if you continue with JAVA for 5 yrs, or with INFORMATICA for 5 yrs , how much will it repay you.

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  • Gannavarapu
    hi, i am venkat doing my MCA final year in Andhrauniversity campus pls tell me which is the best choice for me java or dataware housing
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  • EmNichs
    Hi Gannavarapu, Please submit a new question to get an answer. You're likely to get more feedback with a new question. Thanks, Em
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  • Fresher1
    Hello, Very wonderful answer. My situation is kinda similar to vishwanath. except the fact that, i'm a fresher. i've got two offers , one is datawarehousin and other is java. java is being paid bit less. so,to a fresher , which one you suggest to begin my career. I'm kind of interested in java. no idae about datawarehousing. Thanks
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  • Mornshoe12
    Data Warehousing any day. Java is passe'. Data Warehousing has tremendous potential if you can pick it up
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