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It's worked the last 4 tries (tho had to tweak each time), but now I just get basically one long field coming in. The comma delimitors are treated as just another character byte. While setting up a "power user" to take over this function (so no .fdf or other residuals from prior successful uploads), I took the steps ... (A) Transfer (via Client Access) from iSeries to PC to create the .fdf (tried as .csv and as "no subscript" for PC target filename) (B) Save the desired spreadsheet as a .csv (C) Run transfer to iSeries using this .fdf and opting to replace the existing physical file member (all fields are character). Result was the proper record count, but not delimited. Any ideas on what I might be missing ? Alternate schemes ? I did try using the .xls and also Excel add-ins (seems to not translate the character data this way). Tried creating new iSeries file (no better). The A, B, C steps seem like the best option, but ...

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1. delete the .fdf
2. transfer from the as/400 file to the pc – as/400 file must have at least one record. Transfer is to be .cvs and create the .fdf – inspect the downloaded file it should have commas and quotes
3. save spreadsheet as .cvs
4. transfer to the as/400 using the new .fdf and data in the .cvs

“” quotes are generally optional and they are around character strings.
With quotes the string can have imbedded commas.
One character cannot be in the string .. a quote.
Quotes will be included with client access transfers in .cvs format.

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  • aceofdelts
    Inspecting the PC data is a good idea. I find a mis-match. The file that came from the iSeries has neither commas nor quotes while the Comma Separated Values version of the spreadsheet has commas (no quotes). Does the as/400-to-PC transfer have any requirements (i.e. must be an existing .csv file) ? I'll try variations on that theme. Thanks, Mike (aceofdelts)
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  • philpl1jb
    No requirements - erase the frf file and repeat make sure the download is .cvs Phil
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  • Yorkshireman
    Quotes only appear around character fields or was it numeric fields? anyway - you can not have them and all is well.
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  • aceofdelts
    Aha ! On the transfer down, just naming the result file with a .csv subscript is not sufficient. The File Type dropdown box in the PC section must be set to the "csv" choice. Mine was at the "Ascii" choice. Thanks for getting me to focus on the 400-to-PC copy as the real problem (instead of the PC-to-400 step). It works !!! Mike (aceofdelts)
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