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Database mirroring
Hi Guys, Can any one tell me how can i keep two databases in sync? My problem : I have two boxes DEV and PROD and have a data library in each box. What i want is to keep my DEV data library in sync with the PROD real time. If real time is too difficult to achieve about end of day? ideas??? thanks

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I am not very sure about waht typw of files exists in the libraries you are reffering to. But if these are the system libraries which are small size binary files, then you can implement rsync between the two servers. All the changes will be copied to the DEV server. You can automate the task by scheduling it through cron.


Not sure what OS or applications you are using, but this might help:
To save buying another backup liscense for our network, I mapped a folder on a server that is on the backup string as a drive on our time clock server. I wrote a script that copies the entire data/program folder of our time clock server to that drive (The folder if small, about 150 Meg). This script fires off about 20 minutes before the main backup starts. I had to restore from the backup once, and it worked fine. The script was added to the scheduled task list in the Time Clock server’s Control Panel. Perhaps using the mapped drive/script idea could work for you.
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From <b>OpenSystemsStorageGuy</b>: this can be done natively by some databases, and can be done by certain types of centralized storage. Assuming you’re trying to do it with internal storage on both servers with a database that doesn’t support real time replication, you can either script the replication yourself, or you can buy some software that will do it for you. The obvious one would be doubletake.

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  • Theitman
    If both servers are SQL 2005 then you must put one database into a restore mode. Go the main one and right click the database and tasks and click mirror then run configure security and make sure that the principle is the main database and the mirror is the database that is in restore mode and you may choose any witness.
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  • Rockleadme
    Thanks guys!! big mistake ..i frogot to mention that these two boxes are AS400...and the libraries i was reffering to earlier ---are actually data libraries. So daily transaction data to be copied over to the development box (or is should rather say the test box) is what i want to do - in real time if easily possible or at the end of each day.
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  • Tlrz
    For AS400 world: 1) The perfect solution some of HA tools, but costs... 2) Writing your own mirroring solutions ( database trigger + data queue + remote data queues ) but time consuming , but almost real time. 3) SavRstLib or SavRstObj from OS400 ObjectConnect ( free of charge part of every purcharse) but is not a real time synchronization. 4) SavLib SavObj to SavFile + script for FTP to other system & QUOTE RCMD for restore...but not real time , but complicated My tip for you is solution 3
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  • Rockleadme
    could you please elaborate on point 3?
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