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Data migration
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I would like to know whether it is neccessary, to go through recording process when migration GL account codes from Legacy to sap using LSMW, I know you have to go through Recording if you are migrating Vendors or Customers Master data. Any ideas?

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STEP 2 :- press create (project)

STEP 3 :- Put project name & description
Press enter
Put subproject and description
Press enter
Put object name & description
Press enter

STEP 4 :-Now u will get screen where your project ,
&object will display
Press execute button
U will get screen where 14 steps are shown

STEP 5 :- select radio button” Maintain Object Attributes “
Press execute button
Select (radio button) Batch input Recording
Press overview button
Select the recording and then click create button
Put your recording name & description
Press enter
Put transaction code for which u r doing this data
Press enter
Put your all customer data which u want to create
U want to change
Press enter
Click default All button
U will get screen where your recording have been
U check that recording
( Enter that recording name in recording tab also)

< Copy the things from that recording to new excel
File save that.

While saving in excel file it should be in format ,
Field, Name, character & how much length of that field. This is
required for copying the data as mentioned in step 7.

Field name & values you have to copy in other file.
Copy &paste those things in paste special format (in
Transpose) create new file by save that paste
format in tab delimited file (create new excel file
By going in save as) that is txt file. >
Close all the Excel & txt files.Press save in SAP & back, back

STEP 6 :- select “Maintain Source Structures “
Press execute button
Click on create (structure)
Put your structure name & description
Press enter, save & back

STEP 7 :-select “Maintain Source Fields “
Press enter
Press table maintenance button
Now copy field name, character & and no from ur
Excel file which u saved earlier
& paste it in the screen ( this includes the fields where the
indicator are there) Press save back

STEP 8 :- select “Maintain Structure Relations”
Press enter
Save back

STEP 9 :- select “Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion
Rules “
Press enter
Go to extras – auto field mapping
Select “edit all target fields” radio button
Select “No confirmation” radio button
Click Enter
Till it gives massage “auto field mapping
completed “
Save back
Wherever the indicator fields are there , select the yellow line
and click “ Constant “ tab . Input the value required for this

STEP 10 ;- select “Maintain Fixed Values, Translations,
User-Defined Routines “
Press enter
Manually change the Radio button.

STEP 11 ;- select “Specify Files “
Press enter
Double click “On the pc”
Browse your txt file in the file tab
Write any name
Select tabular radio button
Select Field names at start of file
Select ASCII
Press enter
Save back

If any error comes , then reduce the length of the characters in the specified file name.

STEP 12 ;- select “Assign Files “
Go to change mode.
Press enter
Save back

STEP 13 ;- select “Read Data “
Remove tick mark from both the check boxes; Value fields and
Data value.
Press enter
Execute button
Back, back

STEP 14 ;- select “Display Read Data “
Press enter
Execute button
Back, back

STEP 15 ;- select “Convert Data “
Press enter

STEP 16 ;- select “Display Converted Data “
Press enter

STEP 17 ;- select “Create Batch Input Session “
Press enter

STEP 18 ;- select “Run Batch Input Session “
Press enter
Select record & press process button
Select foreground or only error according to your
Choice. Change or create records for T-CODE for
which u have created project
Save & Back

Note: The fields, which are chosen for constant value should also be maintained in the Excel, but you need to give any data for it.

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