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Dear all, Im a university student who is conducting a reaserch that shold cover all aspects of data centers, Im requesting you help in providing white papers, or any information related to my topic (data centers).

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  • Klewis
    Well said, Bob!!!
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  • Sswar111
    Dear All; I think you are right, so resonding to you message are the problems i have incountered: During my research i have found that most of the data centers that post there detaails on the web provide information only on the features they have, on the other hand i didnt find something to write under the LAYOUT OF THE DATA CENTER section of my report since people consider it private, another thing they dont post ( i think for the same reason (privacy) are the technical design of a data center (switches, routers, firewalls, etc...) im not looking for specific designs or layouts im just looking for a general idea that will lead me to being creative. by the way my report covers:1- technical specs of a data center ( in- progress)2- security specs ( complete) servises provided (complete) 3-general specs (complete) 4- general layout (in-progress) hope i didnt miss anything many thanks and regards for you to clear your opinion out.
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  • Bobkberg
    I'm not sure, but I suspect that you may be approaching this backwards. The key reason being that there is no "standard" way to lay out a data center, because every data center is a reflection of the individual needs and response to those needs of the organization and people involved. For the same set of requirements (assuming that you could get such a thing), two organizations will produce varying results. For example, I've worked in places where the networking equipment (except for hubs/switches necessary to the servers) is sometimes not even in the same building as the servers/mainframes/etc., as opposed to other places where everything is kept in one large room or series of interconnected rooms. In both cases, the two management chains were separate until you got to the VP level, but the key difference was in the personality and style of the VP. So, look instead at the common sets of requirements, the way different groups work (or don't work) together, the overall size and structure of the organization, the requirements placed on the groups from above (logistics, history, legal implications, etc.) Financial Institutions and Health care groups (In the United States anyway) have stringent legal requirements to protect personal data. Sometimes the network group started as an offshoot of the desktop group, sometimes from the server/mainframe group, and sometimes from the Telecommunications group, and sometimes from out in left field somewhere (baseball reference for those of you not familiar with it). Back to your primary subject: Data Center Design... I did a quick Google search for "Data Center Design" (without the quotes) and got a BUNCH of listings. When I did the same thing with "Data Center Layout" (again, without quotes), it returned only generic responses - most likely because each layout is specific to the needs and people for a given organization. So I'd recommend that you look for the first category. Security-wise it's certainly not a good idea to put your design out there, but there are lots of suggestions that will help you with the details of how, where, why and such. Key areas to consider are: - Networking equipment -- Routers -- Switches -- Firewalls -- IDS/IPS -- Cable Management and Routing -- Redundancy in WAN provisioning (T-1, T-3, DSL, Frame Relay, ISDN, etc.) - Servers -- Rack Mounted systems -- Floor Mounted systems (mainframe sized stuff) -- Operator Access -- Backup Equipment (Tape, Optical, etc.) - Power Management -- Power Distribution Systems -- UPS -- Redundant power sources --- Battery Backup --- Generator --- Separate feed from power grid - Facility Management -- Fire Suppression -- Use of raised floor or Plenum Space -- Requirements for Cooling and Air Flow -- Requirements for dust control --- Air Filtration --- Dust Catching at entrances That should be enough to get you going. Bob
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  • DCplansec
    Regarding the facility and technical building systems design of a data center check out a free planning guide available from sun: go to, enter 'data center site planning guide' as search criteria. You will find a pdf-file approx. 1.8 MB. Another good source of information (not free however) would be the TIA-942 standard. VB
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