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I have a computer Room almost 400 m2 and total # of Racks is 60 racks What is the best way to cool a High denisty rack (20Kw) ,

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We are going through this right now.
We finally settled on a hot/cold row design.

20KW per rack? never in convertional Data Center Setup can cool this configuration, it would be better to cool it using the self cooling racks.

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  • Batman47
    We had a lot of problems trying to handle cooling in our Data Center with conventional cooling. We now rely on Leibert A/C racks... they suck out most all of the hot air from the hot row using powerful fans and motors blow cold air into the cold isle. The air coming into the Liebert is 91 but the air it blows into the cold isle is 67. Another great idea we had was to use plastic curtians form the ceiling to the top of the racks and then all the way down to the floor at the ends of each row to contain as much of that 67 degree air as possible. Our Data Aire units that were originally designed to cool the entire room now just cool what is outside the hot and cold isles.
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  • Dave mc
    I disagree with the self cooling racks option unless it uses the chilled water cooling of the discharge air. Cold isle containment and the other cold isle system can cool easy to 30kw per rack and some to 35kw per rack. Hot isle containment is a waste of money as the general building is cooled and this is a waist of cooling. But what you should be looking at no matter what solution you select is the use of free air cooling whenever the temp is below the rack leaving temperature. If the air out side is lower than the combined leaving air from the racks a combination of outside and cooling should be used (Mixed air cooling and has been used in Australia which is mostly hotter than the USA for over 50years) as it is cheaper and less energy to cool the lower outside air temp compared to the server return air. If the out side air is the required server supply air temp just use the outside air. If the outside air is to cold you use mixed air system to warm up the outside air with the server return air. I have been managing and designing data centres for over 25years and have only seen one site where this could not occur and it was due to the building structure and the lease arrangements. The data centre owner moved his entire operation with in 2 years to obtain the cost savings alone with out the consideration of carbon usage. The single server rack cooling solutions have 4 major problems. 1- To costly for a large number of racks. 2- When you open the rack doe to perform works the cooling conditions are lost. 3- Very inefficient contained to central systems 4- And the big one NO redundancy for failures and when servicing the rack mostly need to be shut down. I would suggest more home work.
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