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I backed up some data to a floppy for temporary safekeeping, then reformatted the hard drive of the pc the data had been on, and reinstalled the OS (WinXP) and programs. When I try to restore the data from the floppy, I receiver an error about a "cyclic redundancy check" failure and the data will not restore. I have tried copying both from Windows and a command line, on several different pc's, with the same results. I realize this floppy is defective (now...). Is there any way to recover the data from this floppy? Any help will be appreciated!

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Well, I think the only way for you to recover any data would be to pay a lot of money to a data recovery specialist (my company does that, by the way). However, it’s very “iffy” whether the recovered data will be usable since corruption may have scrambled things irreparably. Thus, you’d risk spending a lot of money for nothing. My guess is that whatever is on that disk isn’t valuable enough to justify the cost. I’m not a data recovery expert, so maybe someone else has a suggestion which I’m missing. But from a practical educated standpoint, I think this is the best advice.

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Cyclic redundancy check errors usually occur when there is a problem with a certain area of the storage device that could not be read or access by the computer system. Make sure that the storage device is properly working.

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  • Bobkberg
    One other possible chance - try doing a sector-by-sector copy over a cleanly installed blank floppy. You MAY get some of your data back - no promises. After you'd done - no matter what the error - don't just throw it away, DAMAGE IT so that nobody else can ever suffer the same problem. I used to know people who'd keep dead floppies, defective patch cords and such - "just in case of emergency". The cost of replacing them is nothing compared to the cost of having someone get stuck with the same problem again. Bob
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  • Joelsplace
    Try running spin rite on it. I've had it fix quite a few floppies in the past.
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  • Poppaman
    Norton has worked for me in the past as well.... More to the point (and please excuse me if this seems a bit harsh, but I think we've all been where you are...) - wouldn't it be easier/more cost effective in the long run to invest $20.00 in a small USB flash drive for just this type of scenario/situation? A quick search produces at least a half dozen 128MB flash drives under $20.00... Even older PII/PIII machines have at least USB 1.1 ports; this will most likely cover 90% of what you encounter on a day to day basis...
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  • Csmmis
    Thanks to all for your suggestions. I ended up paying $40 for a software recovery program (BadCopyPro, from, which did recover the data for me. The point about a small USB flash drive is well taken; I plan to get one. Again, thanks.
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  • Itspec
    You beat me to it.. was going to suggest a software title called EZRecovery Pro.. have used it several times to recover files from bad floppies that some of my users find laying around and end up using. It's worked far. A very inexpensive but invaluable tool to have in your toolkit.
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