CWBRXD.EXE – When this is started does it run continuously?

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AS/400 commands
I am using RUNRMTCMD and am reading that in order for this to execute on the PC - that I need to have CWBRXD.EXE running on the PC. My question is, when this CWBRXD.EXE is executed, I see a popup window but it only runs for a few seconds and then closes. How do I know if this is still running in the background or because the window closed is it not actually running? Do you know what needs to be done to keep this running? Any info is appreciated.

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I thik the window is supposed to be minimized to prevent stopping of CWBRXD.
You can use the Windows Control Panel > Administrative Tools, and then double-clicking on the Services icon on your pc to verify if the app is running ? If you are running Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista you should see this “System i Access for Widnows Remote Command” service running.

I ahve not tried this before, but you can select the properties for the service and ensure the “Allow service to interact with desktop” option is selected.

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  • pgmr
    Thank you for the response. I cannot get this to continue running. It stays active for about 15 seconds and then closes out. I did try to minimize and it still closed out. We are now trying to locate where we would set "Allow Service to interact with desktop". We cannot seem to locate that anywhere. Anymore information would be great.
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  • Satsho
    Did you try running this from a DOS window ? I have read that some antivirus does not recognize this as a valid program. Do you know if that is the case with you ? If you can get this started manually, you can try the steps outlined above.
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  • pgmr
    This looks like is now running. When I go into ADMIN ToolsServicesISeries Access for Windows, I checked the "allow service to interact w/desktop" then Stopped this CWBRXD.EXE and the Started it. I thought that would solve the issue I am having but it did not. It now looks like this is running fine but my Remote Command RUNRMTCMD still freezes up when it gets to the PC. I thought the CWBRXD was where the issue was, but this has now proved that it is somewhere else. Possibly an authority issue but we have checked Iseries, network, pc etc and all authorities seem to be fine.
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  • Kbishop
    I know that you need port 512 open in your windows firewall. Also, check your iseries access for windows icon in the control panel and make sure that everything in there in configured as well.
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