Customize Mail Rules set-up to use with with non-mail database

Lotus Domino
I would like to be able to use a similar tool as Mail Rules in a Notes App to screen/filter out various words when anonymous users submit a form or bulletin. With modifications to a duplicate mail rule functions, (ie changing condition keyword like 'Subject' to 'Topic' etc., to filter certain words on fields used in other Notes application), I take it that this will not work in non-mail notes applications because this is triggered by the mail router. Right? Has anyone been successful in doing this or is there a better way. Would like certain users to maintain rules for the db. Mostly Notes clients.

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I think this what you mean, never played with the router, developer see.

Sub Censor(ndDiscussion As NotesDocument)
Not for the faint hearted, this sub replaces swear words with asterisks (*) in the
Body and Subject fields of the discussion forum docments.
Partial word stemming with find and replace to next space Chr(32).

Dim intExpletive As Integer, i As Integer
Dim strFieldContents As String, strAstericks As String

Dim aryExpletives(6) As String
‘To update banned word list, simply declare
‘words changed to protect the innocent
another array element
aryExpletives(1) = “Word1”
aryExpletives(2) = “Word2”
aryExpletives(3) = “Word3”
aryExpletives(4) = “Word4”
aryExpletives(5) = “Word5”
aryExpletives(6) = “Word6”

Forall e In ndDiscussion.Items
If (e.Name = “Subject” Or e.Name = “Body”) Then
Select Case e.Type
Case TEXT: ‘eg Subject
strFieldContents = Trim$(e.Values(0))
Case RICHTEXT: ‘ eg Body
strFieldContents = Trim$(e.Values)
End Select

For i = 1 To Ubound(aryExpletives)
intExpletive = Instr(strFieldContents, aryExpletives(i))
While (intExpletive > 0)
strAstericks = Asterick(Mid$(strFieldContents, intExpletive))
Mid$(strFieldContents, intExpletive, Len(strAstericks)) = strAstericks
intExpletive = Instr(strFieldContents, aryExpletives(i))
Next i

e.Values = Trim$(strFieldContents)
End If
End Forall

End Sub

Function Asterick(strExpletive As String) As String
Purpose: Calculate the number of * required to blot out an expeltive

Dim intSpace As Integer

intSpace = Instr(strExpletive, ” “) -1

‘If the expletive is the only word in the string
‘use string length as the number of * required
If intSpace < 1 Then intSpace = Len(strExpletive)

Asterick = String$(intSpace, Asc(“*”))
End Function

Cheers Paul

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