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We have a small network consisting of less than 30 pc's. All of these pc's are Windows 2000 including the server. All of these systems are Chinese OS's. 2 new member of our staff (not IT), these 2 computers are portable laptops running English Win Xp pro. I have connected them to the network, they are able to connect to the internet, they can both see the entire network. However the other computers (including the server) cannot see these 2 new computers. Can someone assist me in this dilema. I think it may have to do with the software firewall they are running (Norton's Internet Security 2003) But these 2 users refuse to allow me to shut it off, however they will allow setting changes as long as it dont interfere with their personal security from the internet.

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A – are you operating as a workgroup with all machines having ‘File/Print Sharing’ turned ON? And if so, WHY?

B – XP Pro w/SP2 with Firewall enabled will definitely block the other members of the workgroup from seeing the new machines.

C – If you are running the 2000 Server as a donmain controller with a network shared folder/drive, then that is all any machine in the domain should see. Operating as a workgroup puts the onus of file access control on the individual user and is a bad practice.

D – if it is necessary to make the XP systems a visible part of the workgroup and allow browsing by other members, then – Turn on File/print sharing in the network connection AND open the prots for NetBIOS and SMB in their firewalls 9primarily 135, 137, 139 and 445. Depending on the applications involved you may also need to allow some of the higher ports (i.e. 1680 SMB reply).

Good luck.

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  • Caspertghost
    No not every machine is set to file and print shareing. They can see the network dont mean they can acces the shares. The problem was the server could not see them for updates and security. we are an education center who writes learning books. the 2 xp machines will be our writers for a book this year and not seeing each other means they have to physically get up from their desk walk over to the other machine to read what has been done already so they do not double up on subject matter. However this has been resolved. after looking (poking) around in their machines I found they both had a program called "Ashampoo PowerUpXP" this program allowed them to be hidden on the network so others were unable to see them on the network.
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