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AS/400 Printer File
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How can I create a simple printer file please explain with some direct code examples from AS/400 screen. Also explain use of its basic keywords like, spaceA, SPACEB, SKIPA, SKIPB, etc.

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You can find detailed information on all the DDS keywords for printer files with example printer files in DDS for Printer Files.


Martin Gilbert.
Hey man,

Check it out, Search400 put out a really cool article years ago on this very subject. It requires an imagination…

  1. Create a DSPF.
  2. Create the records in the DSPF as you would want them in the printer file, such as Headers, Ðetails, Totals, etc. You must make 1 change in order to save the record, so just put in *DATE, and save the changes. Do that for each record.
  3. Once you have created the records you need, save the SOURCE ONLY, ÐO NOT CREATE IT THE DSPF, AND DO NOT COMPILE IT. cool.
  4. Go to the source member and take option 2 to edit the source.
  5. Make the below change to the keyword at the top of the member: FROM: DSPSIZ(24 80 *DS3) TO: DSPSIZ(27 132 *DS3)
  6. Save the changes, and exit the source member.
  7. Take option 17 on the source member to edit it via SDA.
  8. You will now see that the display is larger… large enough for a report of 132… (not too scabby!)
  9. Go into each of the records you made via 12 for design.
  10. Design your report. You can add fields, name them, etc.


  1. Save the source, DO NOT COMPILE!
  2. Change the Source Type from DSPF to PRTF.
  3. Take option 2 to edit the member.
  • Remove all the weird SDA comments.
  • Remove all keywords at the top of member before the record starts.
  • Remove any Keyboard Shift’s of Y.
  • If you need indicators, go for it; if not, Remove them.
  • Remove any other keywords like CLR, DSPATR, etc.
  • Remove the Usage if it’s anything other than O. If you don’t like the O, you don’t have to keep it there.

Wahlah! Compile it, fix anything you may have missed, and now the record format names are now Except Names, now just code your program up and bam, good to go.

The Shattered Raven

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  • Gilly400
    Hi, Maybe the following link will help :- Guide to as400 Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • Sylvana
    HI, Home > IT Answers > AS/400 > Creating printer file?This question has been added to your watchlist. ShatteredRaven77 I made exactly everything you said before, however what happend with printer file *file, i just have source member. thank you Sylvana
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