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How do I create a text email to a user who is not using notes as their email program. Situation, we have users that are using outlook and some using notes to receive mail. The problem is that when the application in notes sends out the email, the fields are viewable by users with the notes client but not viewable by users with outlook. I want to send an email that has just text in the body with the field values from notes. Is this possible?

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Sure. You need to build the Body field of the memo using the NotesRichTextItem object, and you can use any fields you like as you build it. Here’s an example (the style stuff for formatting is of course optional)…hope it works for you…

Dim session as New NotesSession
Dim newnote As NotesDocument
Dim rtItem As NotesRichTextItem
Dim style As NotesRichTextStyle

Set newnote = New NotesDocument(db )
newnote.Subject = “Subject: ” & doc.YourSubjectField(0)
newnote.SendTo = “”
newnote.CopyTo = “”
newnote.Form = “Memo”
Set rtItem = New NotesRichTextItem(newnote , “Body” )
Set style = session.CreateRichTextStyle
Call rtitem.AppendStyle(style)
Call rtItem.AppendText(doc.YourFieldInBold(0))
Call rtitem.AppendStyle(style)
Call rtItem.AddNewline(2) // add carriage returns
Call rtItem.AppendText(” More text, whatever you want.”)
Call newnote.Send(False)

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  • Brooklynegg
    That lotuscript richtext item method might work. Check and see. If it doesn't, then you can concatenate field labels and values and carriage returns, then simply assign them to the .body field. Make all the labels all-caps with a colon, then all the data in regular case, or some other method to make it readable. Something like this should work. Desc would have to be dimmed as a string, etc. Desc = "ASSIGNED TO: " & doc.Assigned(0) & Chr$(10) &_ "STATUS: " & doc.Issue_Stat(0) & Chr$(10) &_ "DESCRIPTION: " & doc.Description(0) & Chr$(10) &_ Chr$(10) &_ "COMMENTS/RESOLUTION: " & doc.Resolution(0) newnote.Body = Desc
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