Creating a rule to forward my Lotus Notes mail to my gmail account.

Lotus Notes 6.5
Lotus Notes email
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I'm so confused, someone please help me. :-)

How do I create a rule to forward my mail to my gmail account? I don't even know what to type.

Thanks in advance!

Software/Hardware used:
Lotus.Notes 6.5

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First and foremost! :You want to be very careful you are now sending company mail that belongs to your company from your company owned and operated email to an external source. In most states it is considered Corporate Theft and it’s a felony.

Depending on the version there should be a MORE (8) and a TOOL (7/6) button that will lead you to the RULE. Once in the rules you should be able to create one that says something like:

All mail that comes in should be forwarded to your gmail account.

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  • Sc00ter63
    In order for a user to be able to put a forward in place, it needs to be enabled on the server - configuration, Router/SMTP, Restrictions Delivery controls. Ours is disabled, because of the security issues that can arise with forwarding company email to a personal/civilian account.
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  • CallMeRich
    FYI: In addition to corporate security/policy concerns, there is a very dangerous technical concern to consider: Such "mail forwarding" rules (or auto-response rules) can be very dangerous - in that they can easily create an "infinite mail forwarding loop" which can quickly bring down a company's Notes server (and/or other mail servers). For example: If I setup a rule in my Notes client to forward a copy of all received e-mail to my gmail account ... and my gmail account is then ever in a state which results in an automatic e-mail response being sent (over quota, out of office, etc.), an infinite loop gets created: my Notes account forwards some e-mail message to gmail ... gmail auto-responds back to the sender (which would be my Notes account) ... my Notes account sees that response as a new e-mail message needing to be forwarded to gmail ... rinse and repeat about a million times in just a few minutes until my gmail account is full and/or my Notes mailbox is many terabytes in size (and probably crashes our corporate Notes server). I've seen this happen ... it's a very easy "gotcha'" to occur ... and it can be devastating ... BEWARE!!!
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