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This is the code from my watershed (paid portion of site that I'm trying to get to work on my own website. (I've got an account with Watershed, and have the right to do this, but Watershed does not have a tech support team to show me how to implement the dynamic archive I want. So here's the code that works on the Watershed site. What do I have to do to implement this functionality on my web site? Watershed (Powered By Ustream.Tv)

<script type="text/javascript" src="/js/framework.js?2009020601"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="/js/xml.js?2009020601"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> var pageId = 'recorded-recorded'; var staticUrl = '/'; </script>
Ustream Watershed

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<script type="text/javascript"> var videosEmbed = new Array(); </script>

Access your recorded broadcasts here or copy and paste the embed code below to view the broadcasts on another website.
<script type="text/javascript" defer="defer"> var viewer_so = new SWFObject('', 'viewer', '320', '260', '9.0.115'); //"); viewer_so.useExpressInstall('/expressinstall.swf'); viewer_so.addParam('allowFullScreen', 'true'); viewer_so.addParam('allowScriptAccess', 'always'); viewer_so.addParam('wmode', 'opaque'); viewer_so.addVariable('sessionId', 'bf0c5fe14c94273ca85aa1e0b1243d4f22ef82df'); viewer_so.addVariable('application', 'watershed'); viewer_so.addVariable('vid', '764/1000191'); viewer_so.addVariable('menu', 'false'); window.addEvent('domready', function(){ viewer_so.write('channelFlashContent'); }); viewer_so.refresh = function() { this.write('channelFlashContent'); } viewer_so.openwindow = function(url) { url , '', 'width=640,height=501,resizable=1'); } var timerViewer = setInterval(function(){ if($('viewer')) { $('viewer').focus(); clearInterval(timerViewer); } },500); </script>
<embed flashvars="autoplay=false&vid=764%2F1000191" width="320" height="260" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" />
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<script type="text/javascript"> videosEmbed['764/1000191'] = new Array(); videosEmbed['764/1000191']['embed'] = ''; videosEmbed['764/1000191']['title'] = 'Untitled'; </script>

Brand: Horsley for
Recorded:19 hours ago
Views: 0
Status: Complete Length: 21:21 minutes
Size: 46,423,642 bytes
<script type="text/javascript"> videosEmbed['764/1000127'] = new Array(); videosEmbed['764/1000127']['embed'] = ''; videosEmbed['764/1000127']['title'] = 'Deterrance'; </script>

Brand: Horsley for
Recorded:3 days ago
Views: 0
Status: Complete Length: 33:33 minutes
Size: 37,998,053 bytes

<script type="text/javascript"> var recordeds = new Class({ initialize: function() { $$('.item').each(function(obj){ if ( obj.getElement('span[class=status]').get('html') == 'Complete' ) { var img = obj.getElement('img'); img.setStyle('cursor', 'pointer'); img.addEvent('click', function(){ $('viewer').javascriptControl('player', {vid: obj.get('rel')}); $('videoEmbed').set('value', videosEmbed[obj.get('rel')]['embed']); $('videoTitle').set('html', videosEmbed[obj.get('rel')]['title']); setClipboardSwf(); }); } }); } }); var rcs = null; window.addEvent('domready', function(){ rcs = new recordeds(); }); </script>


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If u r a Web Programmer, you may build web site comfortably. There r several technics to use for build a complete website. You can use ready made web page builder like Dreamweaver, Adobe In Design, Fusion Essential or Web Studio etc. There is requirement of Domain name and a media who helps to host ur web site. The above code, u given here, may not possible to correct in one shot here. It depends on ur requirements. what kind of product u want to introduce thru ur website, that clearly disclose.
There are some sites that can help to build your website on line and most of them r almost free. but not for domain name registration etc…. For better concept and more info please check here.
In the above code, there is also a good site already mentioned there at 2nd line. i.e.

Hope it helps you!

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