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Step by do I make a button that will add a meeting/event to another person's calendar that I can send in an email?

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Lotus Notes 8.0.2

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You already have that button in your calendar!

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  • Kramirez
    I guess I wasn't specific enough. I would like to know the step by step process of adding a button to an EMAIL that would add a meeting/appointment to a recipients calendar by them clicking this button.
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  • SlikTool
    There is a feature in the Notes Client already for this, under More..., then Copy into new..., and choose Calendar Entry. If this is not sufficient, I would recommend using the code in the Shared Action called "Copy Into NewNew _Calendar Entry". Why reinvent - its there already.
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  • Bmgood
    I believe he is asking if you send an email message to a group of people, how can you add a "hot button" in the email that will allow the receipents to click on and it will automatically add and event to their calendar. As oppose to just sending a calendar invite.
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  • TSKnoxville
    Kramirez - Here's some sample button code to create a meeting on someone's calendar for: - Date and time: 23rd April 2011 - 9am - 9.30am EDT ================ Sub Click(Source As Button) '==================== ' CHANGE THINGS IN THIS SECTION '==================== ' this determines which type of calendar entry to make, choose from Appointment, ' Event, and Reminder calEntryType = "Appointment" ' this set of variables is for the calendar entry that will be created ' First is the Subject that will appear in the calendar. Use Chr$(10) to add 'a line break calEntrySubject = "WebSphere Portal 6.5 What's New" 'Optional - if you would like you can include data for the location field and the ' details would be the body when you open the entry If you want to add thing ' just put it between the quotes. If you have more details to add (like multiple ' lines) you can just put it between two vertical bars like this: | ' put anything here including several lines | (You get a vertical bar by shift on ' the slash on the US keyboard). calEntryLocation = |See call in details below | calEntryDetails = | Meeting Topic - Performance Optimization for Websphere Portal Agenda: Business Value Customer experiences Solution Web Conference Details: =================== 1. Go to the URL - 2. Click 'Join a Meeting' button in the top right corner of the page 3. Enter the Conference ID 009900 4. Enter your name and email address 5. Click the 'Log In' button Dial In details: =========== Phone Number: 1-888-999-1234 Participant Passcode: 987654 | 'Now Set the start and end times. To be sure of the proper date you can use the ' Datenumber as (year, month, day). (so it will accomodate different date ' formats) 'In the time be sure to include AM or PM and the time zone. calEntryStartTimeStr = Datenumber(2011,04,23)+" "+"13:00:00 GMT" calEntryEndTimeStr = Datenumber(2011,04,23)+" "+"13:30:00 GMT" ' these are the checkboxes from the options section of a calendar entry markPrivate = False ' Mark Private - do not show other users the cal entry ' this set of variables determines whether or not to display the calendar entry ' to the user after it's added to their calendar displayCalendarEntry = True ' Valid values are True and False 'This turns the feature of displaying the saved calendar entry to the user. ' this set of variables is for the displaying a message to the user if they press the 'button displayMessage = True ' turns the message box feature on and off - T/F messageToDisplay = "The meeting has been added. Click Save and Close to complete" ' this set of variables deal with sending a note to an id you specify when the user ' presses the button (lets you know they added it) 'sendReply = True ' turns the reply feature on and off - True and False 'replyRecipient = "" ' who should get the reply - ' separate multiple recipients with a comma (,) 'replySubject = "I plan to attend the 23rd April 2009 Performance Session for Websphere Portal" ' subject of the reply message 'replyMessage = " " Call createCalEntry() End Sub
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  • RStephenson
    TSKnoxville: So how do add your suggested code to a button. Have tried and failed.
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  • Csoon
    Could anyone advise how to copy the body of the email (with the button) into the calendar appointment that is being created?
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  • 13123545
    Sub Click(Source As Button)
    Dim mailDbName As Variant 
    On Error Resume Next
    Dim ses As New notessession
    Dim memodb As notesdatabase
    Dim date1 As New NotesDateTime( "01 may 2013 09:40 AM") 
    Dim date2 As New NotesDateTime( "01 may 2013 12:00 PM")
    Dim dd As NotesDateTime
    Dim ar(1) As Variant
    Set ar(0)=date1
    Set ar(1)=date2
    Dim nname As New NotesName (ses.UserName )
    Set memodb=ses.CurrentDatabase
    If Not memoDb Is Nothing Then
    Dim memodoc As NotesDocument 
    Dim rtBody As NotesRichTextItem
    Set memoDoc = New NotesDocument(memoDb)
    memoDoc.Form = "Appointment"
    memodoc.subject = {The Best Training}
    memodoc.MeetingType = {1}
    memodoc.AppointmentType = {0}
    memodoc.Location = { Walleyball street, 2 bld. 3, floor 4}
    Call memodoc.replaceitemvalue("_ViewIcon",158)
    Set dd = New NotesDateTime(date1.DateOnly)
    memodoc.StartDate = dd
    Set dd = New NotesDateTime(date1.TimeOnly)
    memodoc.StartTime = dd
    Call memodoc.ReplaceItemValue ("StartDateTime", date1)
    Call memodoc.ReplaceItemValue ("CalendarDateTime", date1)
    Set dd = New NotesDateTime(date2.DateOnly)
    memodoc.EndDate =dd
    Set dd = New NotesDateTime(date2.TimeOnly)
    memodoc.EndTime = dd
    Call memodoc.ReplaceItemValue ("EndDateTime",date2)
    Set rtBody = New NotesRichTextItem(memodoc, "Body")
    Call rtBody.AddNewline(2)
    Dim richStyle As NotesRichTextStyle
    Set richStyle = ses.CreateRichTextStyle
    richStyle.NotesColor = COLOR_Blue
    Call rtBody.AppendStyle(richStyle)
    Call rtBody.AppendText( {The Best Training})
    Call rtBody.AddNewline(2)
    Call rtBody.AppendText( {})
    Call rtBody.AddNewline(2)
    Call rtBody.AppendText( {.})
    Call rtBody.AddNewline(2)
    Call memoDoc.Save (True,False,True)
    Print "Created calendar record"
    End If
    Set rtBody = New NotesRichTextItem(msg, "Body")
    Set richStyle = ses.CreateRichTextStyle
    richStyle.NotesColor = COLOR_Black
    Call rtBody.AppendStyle(richStyle)
    Call rtBody.AppendText({User: }+nname.Abbreviated + { The Best Training}) 
    Call rtBody.AddNewline(2)
    Call msg.send(False)
    Print "Sent e-mail"
    Messagebox("New appointment was added to your calendar")
    End Sub

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  • boskabouter
    Did you ever succeed Kramirez? I want to do the same, but below is a little bit beyond me
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  • ccarabc
    Can someone go step by step instructions on how to do this funtion starting with creating the button, when you get to the window pane - add Action.
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