Retain leading zeroes with CPYTOIMPF

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I am copying a PF from the iSeries (V5R3M0) using Cpytoimpf, within the file is an alpha field with leading zeros. When the file is opened in Excel it drops the leading zeros. Assuming it is a numeric field, is there any way to retain the leading zeros?

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Yes there is a way to retain the Leading zeros
but not thru the CPYTOIMPF command
let the file be created
after conversion to the Excel ..
Open the Excel and Convert the Required Columns to Character using Format Cells.
It will retain the Leading zeros for sure.


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  • AmandaC
    When you click on a CSV file it automatically opens in excel. and then drops the leading zeros. I have decided to just use a text file and convert to excel manually.
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  • ReshmaG
    Hi Amanda Dont Click the CSV directly First Open the Blank Excel the Open it from there only ie. File-> Open-> from there it opens a window from where u can select the column whichever you want to change it into the Text Column. Thanx
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  • TomLiotta
    A column with numeric digits should keep leading zeros in Excel if a single-quote is prepended to the digits. You might cause that to happen by creating a VIEW that puts the quote in place. There's not much that CPYTOIMPF can do to fix how Excel handles a .CSV file. Tom
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