CPU fan keeps getting louder

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So I think I have a big issue with my computer. Over the past three weeks or so, I keep hearing the CPU fan getting louder and louder. And I have no idea why. I checked the CPU usage and everything seemed fine. What else can I check? Or should I start looking for a new one?

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Are you sure it’s the CPU fan and not the GPU fan? If you’re running graphics-intensive programs or games, it could be the latter. Perhaps the inside of your systems needs to be cleaned (blown out) as dust can build-up and cause problems with overheating. You might consider a backup/re-install of the OS to see if that clears up any rogue software that may be at the heart of this.

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  • TheRealRaven
    What is meant by "louder"? That's a little hard to explain, but cooling systems can do more work as surrounding temperatures rise. Fan speeds can go up to compensate for higher room temps. Summer weather can be a cause.

    Depending on the device age, vents can also need to be cleared of dust. Poor circulation can bring compensation. An annual cleaning can be a good idea. If the device is much older, a general cleaning inside the case is the first thing to do. Try to avoid as much as possible actually touching fan vanes.

    Replacing fans would be the last thing to do. Though last, it's a possibility. If inner temps stay in a good range, it'll only be your noise tolerance that determines what you do. I don't recall ever replacing one, and I've had personal systems since the days of Ohio Scientific and Sinclair. (Still have both of those.)

    Of course, if the fan stops, shut down the system ASAP and get the fan working or replace it.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Clean the CPU fan, as well as graphics card fan or any other component fans like, for RAM modules/other motherboard related fans, if any.

    Due to safety concerns with power supplies please don't open the power supply and replace only the fan, better ask for a hardware expert. If that does not help so much, you can try to re-install the OS, but before that, must take necessary backups of your files.

    Here is a link from HP: https://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c01857696

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  • ToddN2000
    If this is a desktop unit, open it up and clean it out with some compressed air. There may be multiple fans, case, video cards as well as the CPU. If this is a laptop, then it's a little trickier to do. Just remember to blow the air through the intake and not the exhaust vent. You may even want to try and place a vacuum at the exhaust vent. Depending on the age of the computer, it might just be the fan is starting to go.
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  • azohawk
    When you say "louder" is it still make the same fan sounds as normal, just louder, or is it making new sounds?
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Don't know how old is your system. If it is still under warranty, please don't open the case/ try to loose any screw, this may lead  to void this warranty. Also if you are not so familiar with hardware part, better to call an expert or get help from manufacturer's representative.
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