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 Hello Friends,

 I Have a CL with commands below

 SAVLIB:     SAVLIB     LIB(BKPLIB) DEV(TAP01) ENDOPT(*LEAVE) +                         SAVACT(*SYNCLIB) SAVACTMSGQ(SYNCBKP) +                         ACCPTH(*YES) OUTPUT(*PRINT)              MONMSG     MSGID(CPF0000) EXEC(GOTO CMDLBL(ERROR))              GOTO       CMDLBL(SAIDA)




 When the tape needs a second volume, the process ends with "C" on the message CPA4088     Load next tape volume on device TAP01. (C G)     Reply . . :   C                             

                       Work with System Reply List Entries

                                                   Sequence  Message Opt   Number   ID       Reply       Compare Value              1    CPA8424  G           *NONE          10    CPA0700  D           *NONE          11    CPA3709  G           *NONE          20    RPG0000  D           *NONE          30    CBE0000  D           *NONE          40    PLI0000  D           *NONE         100    CPA3394  G           *NONE         101    CPA576E  R           *NONE         102    CPA4002  I           *NONE         103    CPA572C  R           *NONE         104    CPA575D  R           *NONE         105    CPA0701  I           *NONE         106    CPF2103  I           *NONE         107    RPG1299  G           *NONE         955    CPA5737  C           'Q1PLIN Q1PCTL'            3282    CPA32B2  I           'ISERIES_NAVIGATOR'        3293    CPA32B2  I           *NONE               

 OBS: Why this message CPA4088 responds automatically?          



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For Tape Management system that has not been tailored to the Server (or if only Save commands like SAVLIB are used without TMS), a facility (Breaker or Break Message Handler) is provided to automatically mount a specific or scratch tape into a tape drive, so that the backup or restore operation can go on.

“Break Message Handler” specifically handles CPA0488 with the response “G”:
CPA4088 Load Next Tape volume on device &4 (C G) – LMS/400 Action “Load Scratch Volume on device &4” and LMS/400 Reply “G” Depending on the VOL keyword, a specific volume or a scratch volume is loaded.

When issuing a SAVxxx or RSTxxx command, the VOL parameter should be specified to load a specific volume (and VOL=*MOUNTED can be mentioned to load a scratch volume).

Specifying the specific volume in the command would ensure that the specific volume (and not any scratch volume) is loaded.

But if you definitely do not want the message to be handled automatically, you can deactivate the Break message handler.

DSPDEVD TAP01 can be used to get the tape device description, which also shows if it is with or without Break Message Handler. It will show message queue as TAP01 in ATLDTALIBS if it is with Break Message Handler .

If exists, then Break Message Handler can be deactivated manually using “RELDEVMSGQ DEV(TAPXX)”

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  • TomLiotta
    Where is the message sent? What is the "Delivery status" of that message queue at the time the message is sent? To see the "Delivery status" of a message queue, use the DSPMSG command for the queue. "Delivery status" will show as the "Delivery . . . :" value in the upper right area when assistance level is 2=Intermediate. When assistance level is 1=Basic, you must use F22='Display list details' to see delivery status. Tom
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