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what is the price range for as AS/400?

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For a three year lease, you can expect anywhere around $6000 – $9000 a month plus software licensing fees.

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  • Yorkshireman
    Contact IBM or a second user machine supplier.. " prices vary "
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  • WoodEngineer
    $,6000 - $9,000 a month would get you a pretty hot machine. The three year lease on our nicely configured model 520 was $2,200. IBM maintenance including software was $600 per month.
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  • infiniumpro
    I have a Classic Low Mileage 1990 9404 Model C-10 that I would give you a really good deal on. This baby has no body damage, and runs great for having only V2R3 under the hood. I will let you have it for next-to nothing, you pay shipping! The clincher: Has RPG and and old version of Synon/2E. But dead-ass slow. /George
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  • aceofdelts
    We bought a used 515 in January for way less than that. I'd heard it was in the $20,000 range to purchase (not lease) - I wasn't directly involved in the deal. It handles our 10 to 50 users quite nicely. Mile L.
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  • sukarya
    i want information pricelist maintenance mesin IBM AS/400
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  • TheRealRaven
    AS/400s were discontinued by IBM in 2000 when the successor eServer iSeries came out. If you really want a system that's almost 20 years old, expect problems. But if you want one of the current ones or at least a recent one, you'll need to be more clear.

    My model 515 cost me around US$15k around 5 years ago. Annual maintenance (on site 24/7) and software subscription runs around US$350/mo. Since it's now too old for later OS upgrades, I'll be getting a newer model sometime in the next few months and dropping the software subscription, keeping only hardware maintenance.

    Once initial costs are paid, there's no requirement for keeping up maintenance/subscription.

    But the "range" goes from a few hundred (US $) for a very minimal, older system up probably to a couple million or more. Any business looking for a larger model doesn't need to post in an on-line forum; just call IBM and ask. For individuals looking for personal systems, check with used system resellers. Prices can vary each week as used equipment is available. Keep checking.

    A minimal system can have the same programming as the largest ones, so individuals don't suffer much from lack of capability -- depending on installed options. That is, SQL can be used on all of them; but if you choose not to add the SQL Development Kit for example, you won't have access to embedded SQL in programming and a couple other useful features.
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  • mmanley
    There are several large sellers who have on-line configuration tools that will let you specify the features you want, and will show you the price. You'll need to figure out how much storage and memory you need, as well as the maximum number of "interactive" users. Web users don't count, so depending on your application, you could get by pretty cheaply. I assume you're looking for a small system (or you'd already be working with IBM or a business partner). If this is your first venture into the AS/400  (iSeries) world, price shouldn't be the starting point. You should first focus on your application needs, and then look for systems that run those applications. Note that I think most of the responses have assumed that you're running I5/OS, but these systems are available that run Linux, and the prices are significantly different.
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  • ToddN2000
    Just remember if you buy an older used system for a few hundred dollars it most likely will have an old OS as well and not support the latest coding like ILE, RPG FREE or many of today's built in functions like %SCAN, %SUBST, %TRIMR and more.
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  • azohawk
    There are 2nd hand retailers, but the cost is more than the hardware, there is also licensing and maintenance fees to be considered. A brand new Power9 914 system with 3 DASD (minimum for RAID) and minimal memory, single core would run about 20k, but when you add license, maintenance, HMC, UPS, etc. that can get in the 50k arena very fast. IBM recently delivered a system for US government use that was well in the 7 figure range. Bottom line is, cost depends on what you are looking to buy. I can probably buy a second hand box for a few hundred dollars, but I would not be able to get maintenance for it and the OS is likely very outdated.
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  • ToddN2000
    @tajuddin: A lot depends on what you specs are, what software options you need and if you need a support contract. 
    in Riyals between 75,042.00 and 187,605.00. Then you would need to add shipping costs. 
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  • schristopher
    We bought a brand new Power8 with V7R2 for $31,000.

    That includes 3 years hardware maintenance and 3 years software maintenance.
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