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Spool files
Hi there, Is there a way to automatically generate an additional spool copy of QPDZDTALOG (generated during DFU) similar to SNDNETSPLF without interrupting the original spool or to automatically dump the spool contents to a file without the knowledge of the guy who is using DFU. Have a nice day. Regards MARK

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You can chgprtf QPDZDTALOG to spool mulitple copies, but that will be in effect for every job that uses that print file, and the copies will both spool to the same outqueue.


You can attach the OutQ (which can be specific for QPDZDTALOG) to a a DtaQ and each time a spool (any) is generated an entry will be generated in DtaQ. You can than take data from it and use SNDNETSPLF to send it to another user.



Another way to get the data you want is from the Journals.

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  • Usheriff
    Hi DanD, Thanks for your reply. But this method will not help me because the multiple copies will be under the same user. My objective is to automatically send a copy of the spool to another user id with out the knowledge of the DFU user. Rgds.
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, You could create your own replacement program/command for DFU/UPDDTA which does an OVRPRTF to hold the spooled file, runs the normal DFU/UPDDTA, then does a SNDNETSPLF of the spooled file to another user, then releases the spooled file. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • Usheriff
    Hi Wilson, Thanks for the reply. I tried this option before, but isn't there a way to do this same process without creating new CL/CMD for DFU/UPDDTA? Is it possible to trace the DFU from the spool data base file (in library QSPL Physical files Q04079N series? If so which physical file & which member? Rgds Mark
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  • WilsonAlano
    Hi Mark, You can change PRTF QPDZDTAPRT to send it to an OutQ with a DtaQ attached to it if you want the DFU runtime printer data file. If you want just the log change QPDZDTALOG PRTF. I don't know how to identify PF and member in QSPL for a specific spool. May be in the INFDS it's possible but not in this case (DFU). Regards, Wilson
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