Convert spreadsheet into a flat file

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I need to convert a spreadsheet into a flatfile using the mid function. I only want to use a couple fields out of the spreadsheet, can someone help me?

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What do you mean “flatfile”, strictly speaking, an Excel spreadsheet is a type of flatfile. You need to provide much more information if you want help.


A “Flat-File” is a file in which data is formatted in plain-text, usually with some kind of delimiter (tab, comma, etc.). 
If you don’t know what half the question is talking about why bother to respond? I was really looking for a helpful answer because I know what a “flat-file” is and I had the same question…the top answer here is disappointing to say the least…jeez

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  • Jerry Lees
    Can you give an examply of the input rows and what you want the output to look like? You specified the Mid function, so I assume you only need a protion of a cell-- Is that correct?
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, Normally I use the "Save as" and then select .PRN, this should give you a flat file with no formatting. Alternatively I use .CSV comma separated variable files. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • Kioh46
    I am sorry I took so long to reply. I figured it out. I need to give each field a set length no matter what the length of the data is the field was, so i used the mid function to do so, concatenated with another field, repeating the process until I included all of my fields and then copied the and paste the values into text file. example(=MID(B:B&" ",1,9)MID(B:B&" ",1,9)&" "&TEXT(D:D,"MMDDYY")&" "&)MID(E:E&" ",1,20)&" "&MID(F:F&" ",1,5)&" "&..............) Result(flat file), xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx ,xx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Did you mean delimited flat file? If yes, you can make another copy of the same file with your choice of fields/columns. Now from File menu, select save as and select .CSV as file extension. Also macro can help in this regard.
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  • ToddN2000
    I would go with a CSV file format to handle this. When you save it in this format you can open the file in a text editor. It will appear as a flat file with a comma delimiter separating the fields. All you need to do is when reading the flat file, look for the comma to separate the fields.
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