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I need to interface our payroll progam to Vertex Q Series payroll tax software. Vertex is written in C and our payroll programs are in RPGLE. Does anyone know what the RPG prototype to this function would be? PREFIX tVprtConn POSTFIX VprtOpenPRT (char *pDataSource, char *pServerName, char *pUserID, char *pPwd, tVprtRetStatus *pRetStatus, tMsgCallBack pMessageCallBack);

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I was able to get this to work yesterday.  It looks like this will be a slow process as I work with each api that I need to interface with.  Thanks for the responses guys.

Here’s what I came up with:


D pDataSource * value options(*string)

D pServerId * value options(*string)

D pUserId * value options(*string)

D pPwd * value options(*string)

D pRetStatus *

D pMessageCallBack…

D *


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  • CharlieBrowne
    We have the Vertex data base files loaded on the AS400 so we can easily do whatever we need. I believe they also provide interface programs.
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  • CharlieBrowne
    I would also check with Vertex to see if they have interface PROCs or APIs already built that you can use,
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  • TomLiotta

    It's not possible to determine an appropriate RPG prototype from what you've shown. A guess can be made that could get somewhat close, but there are a couple elements that are unknown and need additional definition.

    The PREFIX and POSTFIX tokens don't seem to have any meaning. They could be C (or C++?) macros. You'll need to closely review a C/C++ compiler listing to track back to whatever those are intended to do.

    The pMessageCallBack parm appears likely to be a procedure pointer. It seem to be a PROCPTR passed by value.

    The other parms all seem to be either basic character or perhaps integer parms simply passed by reference. The pRetStatus definition could be almost anything; tVprtRetStatus type needs to be examined to know what any RPG equivalent might be.

    The PR would probably be defined for EXTPROC('VprtOpenPRT'). I'd guess that it would have a return value defined to match whatever "PREFIX tVprtConn POSTFIX" resolves to.

    Without supporting detail, I don't know what else to add. The unknown elements are similar to RPG /COPY members or to RPG constants or maybe LIKEDEFs. Whatever they are, the source items need to be known first. C compiler rules can result in obscure source code; but so can RPG when external source statements are referenced and not shown.


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