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I have an in-house written CRM database which includes a contacts form. This form was based on the standard Lotus person form in pernames.ntf (R5) and is more or less identical but with some extra fields specific to the application. Since the database is shared and for security reasons all general users are "Authors" in the ACL it was necessary to make sure the various protected fields e.g. LastName, MailAddress, FullName etc, were modified so that the protection was turned off (Field properties, untick "Must have at least Editor access to use"). The problem I have is that for some people and not all, these settings are ignored and whenever they create new contact docs in the database the fields are set as protected. This means they can't subsequently edit those fields because they are only Authors in the ACL. Most users have a local replica of the db so they can work with it offline. I found that if a user created the contact doc on the server db the fields were unprotected correctly but after replication and opening the doc on their local replica the fields WERE protected! I have made sure they have the absolutely current contact form design version (by making a visual change to the form and replicating this and seeing that this change is visible to them) and this makes no difference. The fields are protected when local but show unprotected on the SAME doc in the server db. Weird! Theorising this suggests that field properties are not necessarily stored within the db doc itself and are perhaps cached? Does anyone have any ideas on this or have seen this behaviour?

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One suggestion I have is determining whether the ACL of the database is enforced across all replicas. On the Advanced tab of the ACL on the server, see if the option “Enforce a consistent Access Control List across all replicas” is checked.

I’m thinking that if it’s not, then maybe the ACLs of the local replicas are not the same as on the server, thereby giving the users an access level of Editor or higher.

Have you verified that the users’ access is Author on their local replica?


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    Yes, definitely, consistent ACL is enforced across all replicas. The database specifically needs this so various security aspects function correctly when users are disconnected. And, yes indeed, all users are Authors. In any case, I think you have missed the point. The issue is that because these specific fields are showing as "PROTECTED" the users can't edit them. This is contrary to the actual form design which does NOT have the field security set to "Must have at least Editor access to use" on any of these fields. And the weird thing is that only some people experience this problem. That is, some people when they create new contact docs end up with the fields protected. Other people when they do the same do not end up with the fields protected (what we actually want to happen). Have I explained this better?
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