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CWBLM0002 Warning License granted, however the number of available licenses for the product 5722XE1 has been exceeded. What does this mean?

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If its anything like Windows – you DO have an active License, but it has either 1) been installed on too many different machines or 2) have too many seats/users requesting services that exceed the limits of your existing license…

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    It deals with CA and the number of users using it. You will need to increase the number of users for the product with WRKLICINF. First you will need to get a new LICKEY for the product 5722XW1 from IBM or your IBM rep.
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  • TomLiotta
    I'm not sure if anyone but IBM is certain, but this is how I understand things... First, 5722XE1 is the server's copy of the iSeries Access for Windows product. It would be loaded on the server in order to have the capability to install copies of the software on Windows PCs through mapped drives. Also, having a copy on the server can help with maintenance of the copies installed on PCs by updating PTFs on the server and then having PCs updated through the server connection. There is a corresponding product that contains the server side of the same product, e.g., 5722XW1. Licensing involves both sides -- PC and server. Many PCs can connect to a given server, and a given PC can connect to many servers. A PC needs a licensed copy of the product, and the server needs a quantity of licenses for multiple PCs to connect to it. Server licensing is concurrent -- more PCs can connect to the server than are licensed for the server as long as the PCs aren't using licenses at the same time. Licensed usage is requested by a PC when a function that needs a license is invoked. PComm terminal emulation and iSeries Access File Transfer are the two licensed functions. (If a different terminal emulator is used, e.g., open source TN5250, or TN5250j, or a more traditional emulator such as from MochaSoft, then no emulator license is needed. Similarly, if files are uploaded or downloaded through ODBC/JDBC or other means outside of the iSeries File Transfer function itself, then no license is needed for that either.) In order to check licensing on the server, you can follow the instructions in the iSeries Access User Guide on the PC:
    1. Type WRKLICINF at the i5/OS CL command prompt. A list of products is displayed.
    2. Type a 5 in the entry field to display the details for the iSeries Access Family Base product. This panel displays information about the license, including the usage limit. If the usage limit value is set to *NOMAX, then you have unlimited use of the product.
    However, when I look up CWBLM0002 in the User Guide (for V5R4 iSeries Access or for i6.1), your message text isn't what I find. For i6.1, no CWBLMnnnn messages are listed. For V5R4, the text that you show is a close match for CWBLM0003. But CWBLM0002 involves the release of a license rather than a request for one. I don't have V5R3 available at the moment, and I have no earlier ones at all. The CWBLMnnnn messages relate to 'License Management'. Your first step should be to verify that server licensing is appropriate for the usage in your network. Use the WRKLICINF command on a server command line to drill into details. If you need to come back here, we'll need info about the version/release of your installed software, both on the server and on your PC. Tom
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