Connection Between two IBM i Servers

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How can we connect two IBM i servers which is already in LAN? By doing that I want to achieve sending files between Servers without get/put on Local PC. Is there any way that one IBM i machines finds/connects another internally so that we can use all the resources of other machine? Thanks.

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If you want to share files between linked systems one option is to create a DDM file.
We use them a lot as we had 4 I-Series machines linked together at one time. It worked for our needs.

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  • BigKat
    Well, you can FTP files between machines, and it is possible with SQL to access data on other systems. You can also create DDM files on one machine that are really on the other machine for use in your programs.
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  • GregManzo
    You can also transfer *SAVFs via SNADS (yeah, old school), or better yet use SAVRSTOBJ or SAVRSTLIB commands.
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  • Sureyz
    Is it possible to any type of files to send over DDM? For ex. I want to send image catalog to another iSeries.
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  • Sureyz
    I think I should mention object instead files.
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  • Splat
    BigKat has the right of it - FTP would likely be your best option to exchange objects.
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  • barrygiles64
    There are lots of ways to connect IBMi machines together depending on what services you have running. 

    TCP/IP or SNA.

    DDMF, Sockets, FTP, CPIC-C.

    You can send files via SNDNETF, You can use RDBMS using SQL to get data across. DDM Files can point from your source system to your remote system.    

    First if I was you I would check that the machines can talk to each other. Use PING, TELNET, or FTP to test connections from source to target and vice-versa. 

    If they are talking to each other then depending on how yo want the data to go across, at file level, at record level, hourly, daily etc you can then decide which is your best method of transmission. 

    File Level - FTP, SNDNETF
    Record Level - SQL RDBMS, remote DDM Files or DTAQ's, Socket

    I have my own utilities that mirror data source to target using FTP for setting up test environments. I use remote SQL for implementation file level changes from Source to Target. I use remote DDMF files and DTAQ's for getting record level data across. I also use two products MIMIX and DBMoto for mirroring.

    As you can see loads of options  
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